Bracco Acist CVi

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CVi delivers the power to improve patient safety, minimizing the risk of contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI) for coronary catheterizations when compared to manual injection of contrast media.

It’s the contrast injector for:

  • Interventional cardiologists who want to regulate contrast injection flow and minimize risk of CI-AKI—also referred to as contrast induced nephropathy (CIN)
  • Hospital administrators interested in cost containment through cath lab safety and efficiency and reducing potential patient post-procedure adverse events
  • The CVi contrast delivery system can help you manage your contrast supply and reduce usage without compromising image quality

  • Increasing safety and operational efficiency
  • Up to 30% reduction in CI-AKI vs. manual injection 
  • CI-AKI incremental cost range: $13,294 to $14,266
  • ~25% reduction in contrast use without compromising image quality when comparing 4 Fr to 6 Fr diagnostic procedures
  • Bleeding and contrast use were significantly reduced with 5 Fr catheters compared to 6 Fr
  • Up to 50% reduction in clinician radiation exposure by stepping back.
  • 49.4% of interventional cardiologists have experienced at least one orthopedic injury.7 Manual contrast injection may cause repetitive stress injuries to the operator’s hand based on the force required to inject contrast and the number of procedures performed per day
  • 45 mL decrease per case when injector used
  • There is up to $0.30/mL savings in wasted contrast media
  • Average 5 min faster per procedure
  • Time saved may allow for additional procedures to be performed in a day
  • *P<0.05 CVi vs. manual injection

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  • Protects the patient and cath lab team with its innovative variable rate hand controller

  • Angio Touch hand controller
  • Allows real-time, variable-flow control of the contrast injection rate for precise and consistent contrast administration, and clinical data demonstrates up to a 20% reduction in per-patient contrast dosage

  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Provides intuitive on-screen prompts for setup, adjustable injection volume and flow rate limits, contrast tracking information, and real-time readout for continuous system and procedure monitoring 

  • Air Column Detection Sensor
  • The built-in air column detection sensor alerts the clinician and stops the injection if air is detected in the single-use patient tubing connected to the catheter 

  • Isolated Contrast Syringe
  • By providing precise contrast delivery, the multi-patient, isolated contrast syringe with rapid automatic refill can reduce contrast waste and save time between cases

  • Hemodynamic Monitoring
  • In-line, hemodynamic monitoring provides a real-time pressure reading and the automated isolation manifold provides a barrier to the contrast syringe

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