Contrast Injector Refurbishment

Contrast Injector Refurbishment

4332489.jpgRefurbishment is available for your new or used contrast injectors, by Medco Blue. Our refurbishment services are provided nationwide, to hospitals, clinics, vet clinics, government facilities, and more, for MRI, CT, PET/CT, and Cath Angio. We treat our equipment with the highest of care, and will do the same for yours.

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Our refurbishments include:

  • Complete cleaning
  • Cleaning includes removing the head covers to confirm no contrast/saline has

gotten inside the injector head

- (contrast and saline get spilled on it over the year and it needs to be cleaned of)

Inspection and testing

  • Replacement as necessary
  • Operational/Mechanical tests performed

- Date and Time

- General Injector Operations

- Syringe Heater Test

- Forward/Reverse Buttons

- Syringe Position Verification

- Flow Rate Test

- Pressure Limit Verification

- Electrical Safety Test

If your injector has not had a preventative maintenance check in the last 6 months, one will be included in our refurbishment. Cosmetic refurbishment is also available, if requested.

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