Bracco EZ Empower CTA/CTA+

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Injector Options for Sale:

  • Used Bracco EZ Empower CTA/CTA+
  • Refurbished Bracco EZ Empower CTA/CTA+

Service Options for the Bracco EZ Empower CTA/CTA+:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Calibration Verificaiton
  • On-Site Service/ Repair
  • Mail-In/ Depot Repair


The Bracco EZ Empower CTA+ is the intuitive syringe-based injector, re-engineered version of EZ Empower CTA.  The CTA+ was designed with advanced safety features, including Saline Advance, Saline Jump, eGFR calculator, and an optional unique patented EDA (extravasation detections accessory).  Simultaneously-operating dual syringes, easy-to-use technology, and precise, effortlessly accessible features are also accents included.  

Advanced Safety Features:

​​SALINE ADVANCE: Delivered via pendant switch or key on the injector at the patient's side prior to starting the procedure, allows for the use of saline to test patency and vein integrity

  • SALINE JUMP: Once opacification has been reached, allows for the immediate advancement to saline, minimizing the contrast a patient receives
  • eGFR CALCULATOR: Assists the facility in determining the patient’s renal function before contrast media is delivered
  • UNIQUE PATENTED EDATM (extravasation detection accessory)*: an optional accessory and is indicated for the detection of extravasations of ionic and nonionic contrast during CT procedures

Streamlined workflow

  • SIMULTANEOUSLY-OPERATING DUAL SYRINGES: Perform during loading and unloading procedures
  • USER- FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY: Digital technology increases user’s control and everyday efficiencies
  • PRECISE, EASILY ACCESSIBLE FEATURES: Enable immediate control at the patient’s side, in the control room

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The Bracco EZ Empower CTA is a dual-syringe, contrast injector with advanced technology and patient safety features for CT and PET/CT systems.  It’s easy to use system promotes accuracy and simplifies procedure flow.  The CTA comes with features like automatic syringe initialization and fill volume, flexible mounting options, dual pressure displays, and touch screen display.  Easy to use and rely on, the Bracco EZ Empower CTA is available now with Medco Blue. 


  • Comprehensive system meets clinical and management requirement
  • Automatic syringe initialization and fill volume based on selected protocol
  • Injector protocols can be set to meet requirements of MDCT scanners
  • Flexible mounting options to meet space requirements
  • Exclusive tilt lockout that helps minimize likelihood of air embolism


  • EDA™ patented extravasation detection technology
  • EmpowerSync® ready for CAN connectivity
  • IRiSCT ® Decision Support System supports efficient data management and analysis


  • Easy to use system simplifies procedure flow while promoting accuracy
  • Dual pressure displays for easy monitoring
  • Fast shutdown at the injector head and remote control touch screen
  • Intuitive control
  • Easy to read touch screen display
  • Injector Syringe Configuration: Dual

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