Medrad Spectris Solaris

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Injector Options for Sale:

  • Used Medrad Spectris Solaris contrast injectors
  • Refurbished Medrad Spectris Solaris contrast injectors

Service Options for the Medrad Spectris Solaris contrast injectors:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Calibration Verificaiton
  • On-Site Service/ Repair
  • Mail-In/ Depot Repair

Space Efficient Components; With only two streamlined components, Spectris Solaris is one of the industry’s most compact power injection systems.

  • Two space-saving components permit neat, versatile installation.
  • Injector head component provides free movement for fast and easy positioning to either side of the table.
  • Fiber optic cable enables direct, reliable communication.
  • A single battery operates the injector head and is conveniently located in the integrated base, while a second battery resides in the remote charger.
  • Optional second Hand Switch can be placed either at the Control Unit or at the Injector Head.

Integrated Injection System with contrast efficient disposables; Spectris Solaris echoes the proven performance of our original power injector by providing the industry’s most contrast-efficient disposable system, maximizing contrast delivery.

  • Precision 65ml contrast and 115ml saline syringes are designed as an integral part of the total fluid delivery system.

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  • The clear barrel design with molded FluidDots ® helps detect the presence of air in a syringe.
  • Design of disposable low pressure tubing eliminates dead space in the "T" connection that can waste contrast

Touch Screen; every feature of our color touch screen to be easy to program and understand.

  • Large numeric displays provide at-a-glance identification of Flow Rate, Volume, Scan Delay, Inject Delay and Elapsed Time.
  • Graphical depiction of syringe supports quick check of fluid levels.
  • Key size and placement enable fast, accurate entry of precise values.
  • Flexible Keypad entry saves set up time. Difficult to achieve with Slide bar.

Multi-phase Injection Control; Spectris Solaris offers one of the most flexible platforms in the world-wide market place, satisfying the rapidly changing clinical MR environment.

  • Six user-programmable phases let you tailor and control injection protocols, from the basic to the most sophisticated MR study.
  • Ability to program fractional volumes with increased accuracy and contrast efficiency.
  • Capability to store and recall injection protocol with integrated test injection reduces set-up time, expense and potential for error.

Superior Keep Vein Open (KVO) capability; Spectris Solaris includes features that specifically support the efficient use of KVO

  • KVO functions independently from the injection profile, enabling superior control and clear indication of status.
  • Large 115ml syringe holds sufficient saline for KVO and multiple injections.
  • Saline flush for programmed injection reserved independently from KVO requirements.

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