MRI De-Install & Removal

At Medco Blue, we excel in the efficient and cost-effective de-installation and removal of MRI equipment while ensuring safety is a top priority. Request a quote for your MRI deinstallation. Don't forget to explore our short-term MRI equipment rentals to keep your operations running smoothly during your new equipment installation. Here's an overview of our process:

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What Makes and Models do we de-install?

In short, we are experienced and equipped to professionally deinstall and remove any MRI scanner make and model, including but not limited to the following manufacturers:

  • GE MRI Scanner
  • Philips MRI Scanner
  • Siemens MRI Scanner

What is our Process?

Step 1: Route Optimization:

When it comes to de-installing medical equipment, we leave no stone unturned. Our expert team evaluates and plans the best route for a seamless de-install process. From determining the ideal parking location and loading/unloading route to managing time windows and ensuring efficiency, we meticulously plan every step to ensure successful equipment removal.

Step 2: Thorough Route Assessment:

Prior to de-installation, we thoroughly examine and measure all doors and windows along the planned route. We also consult with the facility's manager to address any potential interruptions and discuss the possibility of removal and subsequent rebuild if necessary. For larger equipment like MRIs, we collaborate with the hospital/facility to accommodate the equipment's size by removing doors or windows, or by utilizing knockout panels.

Step 3: Safety First:

Our priority is safety. The Medco Blue team follows a comprehensive safety procedure protocol to protect our clients and ourselves. We ensure all medical equipment is completely powered down, power cables are removed or disconnected, and electric boxes are locked out, eliminating any risk of electrical injury or power surges.

Step 4: Facility Protection:

During the de-installation process, we take great care to protect the facility. Our team lays down appropriate materials to safeguard flooring, tile, carpet, walls, and other surfaces from any potential damage that may occur during equipment removal. We also maintain constant communication with our clients/facilities to keep everyone informed of any unplanned outcomes, ensuring a smooth and transparent process.

Step 5: Scanner Disassembly and Transportation:

Disassembling and moving an MRI machine requires intricate steps and it can take up to multiple days. Our highly trained professionals execute a complex procedure, including lowering the magnetic level, safely turning off the MRI, and meticulously working with liquid helium. To ensure a secure delivery, we wrap the magnetic component with utmost care.

Safety remains paramount throughout the process. We disconnect the power to the MRI, lock out the boxes to prevent electrical injuries, and take all necessary precautions. For facilities without knockout panels, we remove windows and doors prior to the de-installation, enabling the safe transport of the MRI.

Step 6: Secure Transportation and Cleanup:

Once outside the facility, we employ a large crane to lift the gantry onto a container, ensuring the system's secure transportation. Before departing, we return to the facility to clean up and address any final requests from the customer. Our goal is to leave the facility in the same condition we found it, if not better.

Step 7: Replacement Installation:

At Medco Blue, we are not only experts in medical equipment system removal but also specialize in the installation of replacement equipment. When you're ready for your next medical equipment installation, trust us to deliver exceptional service. Learn more about our installation process HERE.

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