X-Ray Scanner De-Install & Removal

At Medco Blue, we guarantee a smooth and efficient de-installation of your X-Ray equipment, with a strong emphasis on cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and safety. Obtain a quote for the deinstallation of your X-Ray system. And, for added convenience during the installation of your new equipment, consider our short-term mobile X-Ray rentals. Here's an overview of our process:

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What Makes and Models do we de-install?

In short, we are experienced and equipped to professionally deinstall and remove any X-Ray scanner make and model, including but not limited to the following manufacturers:

  • GE Digital Rad Room 
  • SEDECAL Vet Ray Digital X-Ray

What is our Process?

Step 1: Route Optimization:

To ensure a smooth de-installation process, it is crucial to carefully evaluate and plan the specific route required for removing the medical equipment. This involves considering various factors such as parking location, loading and unloading routes, time window, and an efficient path to successfully complete the de-installation. 

Step 2: Thorough Route Assessment:

A thorough examination and measurement of all doors and windows along the planned route is necessary. Communication with the facility's manager is essential to discuss the possibility of any necessary removal and rebuilding work after the de-installation, as well as potential interruptions that may occur during the process. It is also important to assess if additional support vehicles such as forklifts, large cranes, or extra labor are required for a safe and efficient removal.

Step 3: Safety First:

The de-installation team at Medco Blue always prioritizes safety for both their clients and themselves. We strictly adhere to a safety procedure protocol that involves completely powering down the medical equipment, removing and/or disconnecting all power cables, and locking out all electric boxes. 

This ensures the elimination of any risks of electric injury or unintended power surges. In the case of X-ray machines, it is important to note that once the machine is turned off and unplugged, there is no residual radiation, making it safe to disassemble later without causing any health issues for the de-installation team or clients.

Step 4: Facility Protection:

Once the X-ray equipment is safely disassembled, it is transported using a dolly and forklift onto an Air Ride truck, ensuring its secure placement. Prior to departure, our team returns to the facility to provide a final cleanup and address any remaining customer requests. At Medco Blue, we prioritize leaving the facility in excellent condition, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Step 5: Scanner Disassembly and Transportation:

Following safety procedures, the team disassembles the X-ray machine, paying special attention to the tube-head located in a vacuum. Precautions are taken to avoid tube breakage, minimizing the risk of splintered glass fragments and potential injuries.

Step 6: Secure Transportation and Cleanup:

The X-Ray equipment is securely transported on an Air Ride truck. Before departing, our team returns to the facility for a final cleanup, ensuring a pristine environment.

Step 7: Replacement Installation:

Medco Blue is well-prepared to handle the installation of your new X-Ray equipment. For detailed information about our installation process, please contact us.

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