Bone Density/DEXA De-Install & Removal

At Medco Blue, we specialize in the seamless de-installation and removal of your Bone Density/DEXA equipment, with a keen focus on cost efficiency, adherence to schedules, and safety. Reach out for a quote regarding the deinstallation of your Bone Density/DEXA system. Additionally, explore our convenient short-term mobile Bone Density/DEXA equipment rentals to ensure uninterrupted service during the installation of your new equipment. Here's a closer look at our process:

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What Makes and Models do we de-install?

In short, we are experienced and equipped to professionally deinstall and remove any Bone Density/DEXA scanner make and model, including but not limited to the following manufacturers:

  • GE Lunar Prodigy
  • Hologic Discovery DXA

What is our Process?

Step 1: Route Optimization:

When it comes to the efficient de-installation of medical equipment systems, meticulous planning is crucial. We at Medco Blue prioritize evaluating and determining the best route for the de-install process, considering factors such as parking location, loading and unloading route, time window, and overall efficiency. 

Step 2: Thorough Route Assessment:

To ensure a successful equipment removal, we thoroughly examine and measure all doors and windows along the planned route. Furthermore, we engage in productive conversations with the facility's manager to discuss potential removal and rebuild requirements after the process, as well as the possibility of any interruptions that may arise. We also consider the most efficient route to minimize any potential disruptions during the deinstallation.

Step 3: Safety First:

At Medco Blue, the safety of our clients and our team is of utmost importance. We have implemented a comprehensive safety procedure protocol that guarantees a secure environment throughout the de-installation process. Our dedicated team ensures the complete powering down of the medical equipment, along with the careful removal and disconnection of all power cables. Additionally, we take measures to lock out all electric boxes, thereby eliminating any risk of electric injury or unintended power surges.

Step 4: Facility Protection:

During the de-installation process, Medco Blue places great emphasis on protecting the facility. We take meticulous care to safeguard the flooring, tiles, carpets, walls, and other vulnerable areas by utilizing appropriate protective materials. Our commitment to facility protection extends to providing regular updates to clients and facility staff, ensuring that everyone involved remains well-informed and aligned throughout the process.

Step 5: Scanner Disassembly and Transportation:

Following our comprehensive safety procedure protocol, the Medco Blue team proceeds to disassemble the Bone Density/DEXA equipment. This involves complete powering down, removal, and disconnection of power cables, and the secure locking out of electrical boxes. To transport the DEXA equipment, we utilize a combination of a dolly and forklift, ensuring its safe placement onto the truck. 

Step 6: Secure Transportation and Cleanup:

Before departing from the facility, we prioritize cleanliness and attend to any final customer requests, ensuring a thorough cleanup and leaving the premises in excellent condition.

Step 7: Replacement Installation:

At Medco Blue, we are always fully prepared for the installation of your next medical equipment. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and expertise throughout the entire installation process, guaranteeing a seamless transition and optimal functionality of the new Bone Density/DEXA equipment.

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