Cath Lab De-Install & Removal

At Medco Blue, we specialize in cost-effective and safe de-installation and removal of Cath Lab equipment. Contact us for a quote on your Cath Lab deinstallation. Consider our short-term Cath Lab equipment rentals to maintain continuous service during your new equipment installation. Here's how we do it.

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What Makes and Models do we de-install?

In short, we are experienced and equipped to professionally deinstall and remove any Cath Lab make and model, including but not limited to the following manufacturers:

  • Siemens Cath Angio
  • Philips Allura
  • GE Innova

What is our Process?

Step 1: Route Optimization:

When it comes to deinstalling a Cath Lab, careful planning and consideration are crucial for a successful process. At Medco Blue, we take into account various factors to ensure a smooth and efficient removal of your medical equipment. We begin by meticulously planning the specific route for the de-install process. This includes determining the optimal parking location, loading and unloading route, and time window. We also consider the most efficient route to minimize any potential disruptions during the deinstallation.

Step 2: Thorough Route Assessment:

We examine and measure all doors and windows along the planned route. If necessary, we consult with the facility's manager to discuss any possible interruptions or the need for rebuilding after the deinstall. In some cases, additional support vehicles such as forklifts, large cranes, or extra labor may be required, and we factor in these considerations as well.

Step 3: Safety First:

At Medco Blue, safety is our top priority. Our deinstallation team follows a strict safety procedure protocol to ensure the well-being of our clients and our team members throughout the process. This includes completely powering down the Cath Lab equipment, removing and/or disconnecting all power cables, and locking out all electrical boxes. By taking these precautions, we eliminate any chance of electric injury or unintended power surges.

Step 4: Facility Protection:

We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your facility during the de-installation process. To prevent any damage to the flooring, tiles, carpets, walls, and other surfaces, we take extra care to lay down appropriate protective materials. Our goal is to leave your facility in the same pristine condition as when we arrived. Additionally, we maintain constant communication with our clients and facilities to keep them updated on any unforeseen outcomes or changes, ensuring that everyone is on the same page throughout the process.

Step 5: Scanner Disassembly and Transportation:

The nature of the Cath Lab, whether it is floor or ceiling mounted, influences the time and workflow required for its deinstallation. Ceiling-mounted Cath Labs require a more robust structure to support their heavyweight, and higher ceilings are necessary to provide floor clearance for the gantry in its lowest position. Consequently, these systems require a reinforced suspension and a higher budget for both installation and deinstallation. 

Step 6: Secure Transportation and Cleanup:

Safety remains our top priority during the comprehensive deinstallation process, including powering down the Cath Lab, removing and disconnecting all power cables, and locking out electrical boxes. Our skilled team then proceeds to disassemble the patient table and gantry in the case of a ceiling-mounted Cath Lab. We carefully disconnect and organize the cables that connect the table, gantry, cabinets, monitor suspension, and operator's console.

Outside of the facility, we utilize dollies and forklifts to transport the Cath Lab onto an Air Ride truck, ensuring its secure placement. Before departing, we return to the facility to clean up and address any final requests from the customer, ensuring a thorough and professional completion of the deinstallation process.

Step 7: Replacement Installation:

At Medco Blue, we are not only experienced in deinstalling medical equipment but also well-prepared for the installation of your next Cath Lab. For more information about our installation process, please visit our website.

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