Mobile MRIs Are Perfect When You Don’t Have Space

In the world of healthcare, fitting big machines into small spaces is a big challenge. Smaller clinics struggle with fitting a 15,000 to 40,000 lbs MRI machine in a tiny room, dealing with repairs, and losing time and money before the machine can start making money for the clinic.

That's where Mobile MRIs come in handy. Let's dig into why they're not just useful for small clinics but also for big hospitals dealing with space issues.

Ideal for Smaller Facilities:

Small clinics find it hard to balance having enough space and the right equipment. Putting a huge MRI machine in a small space is not just difficult but can cause a lot of problems. Enter the Mobile MRI – a solution made for small clinics.

These machines are small, easy to move around, and don't require expensive and extensive renovations. Renting one is a smart choice, giving small clinics a cost-effective and efficient way to do medical scans without big machines taking up too much space.

Addressing Space Constraints (Even for Big Hospitals):

Surprisingly, even big hospitals struggle with not having enough space. This is where the Mobile MRI becomes a helpful option. It's affordable and flexible, especially for big facilities.

Renting one instead of buying makes sense, saving money and offering flexibility that big, fixed MRIs can't match; plus you can even consider the “Rent-to-Own” program from Medco Blue. The key is that these machines can be moved around easily, making them a smart choice for all kinds of medical facilities.


In the world of healthcare, facilities are either built without MRI in mind, or they’re built to handle predetermined patient throughput, but as organizations and their respective radiology demands grow, so do its needs for additional scanners. But if you just don’t have the space, then a

Mobile MRI trailer is the perfect option for you. It is a tried and true solution used every day and in every state in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Leave us a message or email us at to set up tailored quotes just for you!