5 Reasons to Buy a Mobile PET/CT 

Limited Space / Avoid Construction Costs

Traditional PET/CT scanners demand dedicated rooms with extensive lead shielding and a Hot lab with source material, leading to expensive construction projects. On the other hand, Mobile PET/CT units offer a space-saving alternative that eliminates the need for specialized infrastructure. By simply parking the mobile unit in a designated area, facilities can bypass construction expenses and optimize their use of available space.

Scan More Patients! Add Capacity and Generate More Revenue

Maximizing patient flow is important for healthcare facilities aiming to meet demand and boost revenue. Mobile PET/CT units provide a quick and cost-effective solution to accommodate more patients, enabling facilities to capitalize on additional scanning opportunities. By investing in a mobile PET/CT, facilities can expand their imaging capacity and drive revenue growth without significant upfront costs.

Reduce Patient Backlog while Renovating 

Is your PET/CT already at maximum capacity or are you owning a CT/X-Ray and wanting to add PET/CT for more patients? A Mobile PET/CT is a quick and affordable way to increase the number of patients you scan each day, week and month. Buy it, park it, and start generating more revenue by scanning more patients.

A Mobile PET/CT provides a quick and affordable solution to increase patient scans. By parking the unit on-site, you can maintain a smooth patient flow, eliminating the need to send patients elsewhere and ensuring timely imaging even during renovations.

Use the Latest Technology 

The versatility of a Mobile PET/CT allows simultaneous CT and PET scans in one session, catering to patients with limited time. Additionally, its combination of two machines makes it powerful and suitable for diverse patient demographics.

In the world of medical equipment, new & upgraded PET/CT systems are being introduced to the market everyday. In this fast-paced industry, staying current with the latest PET/CT technology can strain budgets. Instead of investing in a fixed system that may become obsolete, consider a Mobile PET/CT. It saves space, meets demand, and ensures compatibility with evolving technologies.

Efficiency in Serving Multiple Locations:

Let's talk about efficiency – one PET/CT scanner serving multiple locations instead of each facility having their own. It can easily move around, saving you the trouble and expense of setting up multiple systems. On top of that, let’s not forget that PET/CT service is frequently provided on route between multiple locations, more so than CT and MRI. 

Regenerating Revenue through Leasing when Done 

Done with your Mobile PET/CT’s service? Turn your Mobile PET/CT into a passive income source by leasing it to others. With increasing demand for mobile imaging equipment, you can generate revenue while saving on operating costs. Plus, its convenient trailer setup and low maintenance requirements ensure hassle-free ownership.

Rent to Own 

Ever heard of "Rent to Own"? It's not just for furniture; it's for Mobile PET/CT too. Check with the experts at Medco Blue about this cool program. You can set a rental period, and voila, you can own the Mobile PET/CT afterward. Flexibility is the name of the game, with tailored finance options and renting plans that suit your unique needs. Reach out to Medco Blue at sales@medcoblue.com for a tailored quote just for you. 


Mobile PET/CT scanners offer more than just imaging capabilities; they provide solutions to enhance efficiency, generate revenue, and maintain patient flow. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the benefits of a Mobile PET/CT for your facility. Contact Medco Blue today at sales@medcoblue.com or call (216) 600-0801 to learn more about how it can benefit you!

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