How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Mobile PET/CT?

Curious about the price of getting a Mobile PET/CT and feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options out there? No worries, Medco Blue is here to be your go-to guide through the whole process, giving you all the important info you need before making a big decision.

Checking Out Prices in the Market

Let's dig into the details of how much it costs to buy either a fixed-site PET/CT Suite or a Mobile PET/CT in the current market. PET-CT scanners come in both fixed and mobile versions, and whether you buy new, used or refurbished, price can vary across manufacturers and models. A new generation PET-CT machine can cost between $1.5 and up to $3 million. Now, if you're considering refurbished options, a refurbished PET/CT Suite falls between $150,000 to $600,000 depending on the models and service options. While a refurbished Mobile PET/CT can be priced at approximately $100,000 to mid $200,000

Additional Costs to Think About

When going for an PET/CT Suite, it's not just about the initial cost. You've got to think about extra expenses, like making sure the room is lead shielded and well-equipped with Hot lab with source material, contrast injectors, hiring a good installation team, and getting the software up and running (operating expenses). These costs can pile up and stress you out. 

One of the costs to consider when owning a PET/CT whether it's fixed or mobile is the phantoms’ requirement for quality assurance (QA), the phantom is around $2,500. PET/CT also requires a RAM (radioactive material) license to comply with regulatory requirements, and RAM license fee is approximately $1600 annually

On the flip side, with a Mobile PET/CT, to satisfy the short-term renting demands, trailers are often lead shielded; prepared with hot lab, radioactive sources and HVAC units are provided to heat, cool, and ventilate individual spaces within the trailer. Normally, contrast injectors will be supplied upon request for Mobile PET/CT for free of charge. The syringes/consumables are not and need to be ordered ahead of time. Find out more about Contrast Injectors

So, the fees usually revolve around the generator costs, and optional add-ons like: 

  • Awnings for patient comfort in tough weather

  • Patient Sound system

  • Onboard sinks

  • Patient gurney 

  • Fire Suppression/Fire Detection Systems

  •  Bottled Gas Connections

  • Roll Door Curtain

  •  Intrusion Alarm

  •  Wall Murals

  •  Custom Exteriors (paint/logos). 

These add-ons are considered to help the patient and radiation techs overall experience that does not affect the quality of their PET/CT scan image. Beyond these, a Mobile PET/CT is an all-in-one solution that shows up at your place without any surprise extra fees.

Ready to Proceed with a Mobile PET/CT? Here's How to Start!

Now that you have a clear idea about the general costs for an PET/CT Suite and a Mobile PET/CT, and you're leaning towards the flexibility of a Mobile PET/CT, where do you kick things off?

The smart move is to reach out to an imaging company, especially if you're thinking about a refurbished Mobile PET/CT. Companies like us, Medco Blue have big inventories with a variety of Mobile PET/CTs, both new and refurbished. They can also help you find specific models not easily available and act as the go-between to get you the best price.

Why Pick Medco Blue?

At Medco Blue, we don't just offer to buy, sell, and lease Mobile PET/CTs – we go above and beyond. Our "Rent to Own" program is designed to help you get a Mobile PET/CT without a big upfront cost, letting you eventually make the purchase at your own pace. Drop us a message at, and let's explore the best options out there together!

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