Mobile GE Discovery VCT 64 PET/CT: Precision Imaging with Combination Technology

Competitive Combination Technology:

The Mobile GE Discovery VCT 64 PET/CT introduces innovative volumetric PET/CT imaging technology, promising to revolutionize cardiovascular imaging and transform the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. By integrating high-speed CT with PET capabilities, this system offers a new level of precision in cardiovascular imaging not limited to heart disease, cancer, and neurological disorders.

To help offer patient a less invasive cardiovascular assessment, volumetric PET/CT plays a key role as PET has the functionality of speed and CT with resolution will lessen the time in cardiovascular imaging so that the Mobile Discovery VCT 64-slice PET/CT can capture images of the heart and coronary arteries in fewer than 5 heartbeatssomething no other CT system can offer.

Diagnostic Precision Enhancing: 

Building based on the clinical needs for physicians, the Mobile GE Discovery VCT 64 PET/CT hybrid scanner combines LightSpeed CT and PET to provide advanced 2D and 3D imaging modes, ideal for thorough cardiology and oncology assessments. As a leader in cardiac PET/CT systems, Mobile GE's Discovery PET/CT system boosts physicians' confidence in diagnosing coronary artery disease and cardiac viability.

Not only capturing the heart and coronary arteries image in fewer than 5 heartbeats, the Mobile PET/CT also creates 64 credit-card-thin-image with 40 mm anatomical coverage that combined to form a 3D view of patient’s anatomy for physicians to analyze making it easier for radiologist and medical doctors to evaluate and offer non-invasive surgery if needed. 

Prioritizing Patient Comfort: 

In addition to its competitive technology and diagnostic precision, the Mobile GE Discovery VCT 64 PET/CT prioritizes patient comfort. Equipped with features like Smart Prep, Smart Speed, and a table capable of accommodating patients weighing up to 500 lbs, the system ensures a comfortable scanning experience. Patients can relax and enjoy their scan while lying comfortably on the table, with imaging sessions completed in a shorter time frame, minimizing discomfort and enhancing overall satisfaction.


The Mobile GE Discovery VCT 64 PET/CT represents a significant advancement in diagnostic imaging technology, offering unparalleled precision, efficiency, and patient comfort. With its innovative features and advanced capabilities, it focuses on transforming cardiovascular imaging and upgrading the standard of care in cardiology and oncology. 

Whether in a fixed location or on the move, this PET/CT system proves to be the ideal solution for clinics/facilities/hospitals that aim to upgrade their cardiology and oncology’s care and imaging service but still prioritize their patient experience. Contact us today at to learn more about how the Mobile GE Discovery VCT 64 PET/CT can benefit your facility and patients.