Mobile GE Discovery IQ PET/CT: High-Performance Imaging with Scalable Upgrade

High-performance system:

At the heart of the Mobile GE Discovery IQ PET/CT lies its radical PET detector technology, LightBurst. This advanced innovation significantly reduces scan times in half and dose amounts, enhancing efficiency without compromising image quality. 

Dual Acquisition Channels further optimize performance, ensuring high-count recovery for accurate quantitative information. These advancements empower radiology technologists to confidently detect smaller lesions and assess treatment responses with greater precision, guiding informed treatment planning decisions.

Accessible to Remote Area with Scalable Upgrade:

This Mobile PET/CT is engineered to be accessible to remote areas, offering a scalable platform that adapts to evolving clinical needs. The mobile-ready design allows providers to bring PET/CT capabilities to growing and rural communities, expanding access to advanced diagnostic imaging services. 

The Mobile GE Discovery IQ PET/CT multiple detector ring configurations is introduced to help assure the system can grow with your facilities changing needs as if your patients’ demand is growing or patient backlog is rising. With a scalable detector configuration, facilities can start with a two-ring system and gradually upgrade to a five-ring configuration as demand grows, allowing you to upgrade the system without having to do a complete system swap. This flexibility ensures cost-effective access to new capabilities, enabling facilities to grow patient volumes and enhance diagnostic confidence.

Patient-Centric Design Features: 

In addition to its advanced imaging capabilities, the Mobile GE Discovery IQ PET/CT prioritizes patient comfort and safety. With full organ imaging achieved in the fewest possible bed positions and one-third scan time, patients experience shorter exam durations and reduced discomfort. The system's 20 mm CT coverage enables fast exams and shorter breath holds, further reinforcing patient comfort during imaging procedures. 

GE is committed to lowering radiation dose during scans but still ensures highest quality of image. Their Discovery IQ includes a low kV choice that allows small patients to be scanned at a safe rate. Additionally, advanced digital solutions facilitate smooth connectivity and data management, empowering clinicians to deliver accurate, reproducible results while minimizing radiation dose exposure which helps with a larger demographics of patients. 


The Mobile GE Discovery IQ PET/CT represents a significant advancement in diagnostic imaging technology, offering high-performance capabilities, accessibility to remote areas, and patient-centric design features. With its scalable upgrade options and commitment to patient comfort and safety, it is poised to revolutionize PET/CT imaging and elevate the standard of care in clinical environments. 

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