Mobile Siemens Biograph Horizon PET/CT

High-Resolution Imaging with True Time of Flight (TOF):

The Biograph Horizon utilizes digital detectors with small 4 x 4-mm LSO crystal elements, enabling exceptional 78-mm3 volumetric resolution. This intricate setup facilitates the delivery of high-resolution images, allowing rad technicians to capture detailed anatomical structures with high resolution and clarity. 

Moreover, the integration of TOF technology enhances lesion detectability and anatomical detail, providing clinicians with precise insights for accurate diagnoses.

Enhanced Clinical Performance and Workflow Efficiency:

A key highlight of the Biograph Horizon is its CT solutions, previously only available on stand-alone systems. These solutions deliver high-quality imaging while minimizing radiation doses, ensuring patient safety without compromising diagnostic accuracy. 

Additionally, the system's TOF capabilities enable high-quality myocardial perfusion imaging, even in obese patients with a BMI of up to 82, further expanding its clinical utility.

Intelligent Imaging Platform - AIDAN:

The Mobile Biograph Horizon PET/CT also utilizes AIDAN, an intelligent imaging platform that supports the demanding processing power of AI-based solutions. This platform elevates clinical routines by optimizing patient and user experiences, facilitating a fast and reproducible workflow. With AIDAN, clinicians can achieve better results with improved efficiency, bringing a higher standard of care to a broader patient population.

Premium Performance at an Attractive Investment Level:

Despite its advanced capabilities, the Biograph Horizon offers premium performance with a cost-effective investment. Its intelligent imaging capabilities streamline scans, saving time while ensuring reproducibility and standardization for advanced results. 

Clinicians can address a broader range of oncology, neurology, and cardiac indications using all commercially available PET tracers, thereby enhancing image quality, standardization, and clinical insights.


The Mobile Siemens Biograph Horizon PET/CT represents a significant leap forward in diagnostic imaging technology, offering high-quality imaging resolution, clinical performance, and workflow efficiency. With its advanced features and intelligent imaging platform, the Biograph Horizon empowers clinicians to deliver personalized care while achieving superior diagnostic outcomes

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