Mobile Siemens Biograph TruePoint 64 PET/CT: Advanced Features for Improved Productivity

Revolutionary TruePoint Technology:

The Mobile Biograph TruePoint (TP) 64 PET/CT presents Siemens' original TruePoint technology, representing a significant leap forward in imaging precision. This new technology increases the system's scan field by 33%, resulting in a remarkable 78% rise in photon detection capacity. As a result, the Biograph TP 64 PET/CT delivers more detailed and precise images with fewer bed positions required for imaging, optimizing both diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort.

Advanced Features for Improved Productivity & Imaging Capabilities: 

Equipped with the STRATONĀ® X-ray tube featuring z-Sharp Technology and Pico-3D ultra-fast electronics, the Biograph TP 64 PET/CT guarantees high quality imaging performance. With a 70 cm gantry aperture and a reinforced cantilever design, this mobile imaging solution accommodates patients of varying sizes, with a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs. Moreover, its 3D display capabilities offer a comprehensive axial view of organs, facilitating comprehensive diagnostic assessments.

On top of that, Siemens has also incorporated several productivity-upgrading features into the Mobile Biograph TP 64 PET/CT to streamline imaging workflows and optimize operational efficiency. From automated collimator changers to shielded nine-point flood sources (radiation technicians can utilize Symbia to program the system to conduct quality control before they even arrive at the imaging facility), these features empower healthcare providers to deliver timely and accurate diagnoses. 

Customizable Imaging Features:

The Mobile Siemens Biograph TP 64 PET/CT epitomizes flexibility and adaptability, offering a wide range of performance options to meet diverse clinical needs. Healthcare providers can customize the system by selecting from various multi-slice CT configurations, high or standard resolution options, and clinical configuration options. This customization ensures that the Biograph TruePoint 64 PET/CT aligns seamlessly with specific clinical requirements, enhancing imaging resolution, quality, and patient throughput.


The Mobile Siemens Biograph TP 64 PET/CT represents a paradigm shift in mobile imaging technology, combining TruePoint technology with advanced imaging capabilities. With the PET/CT imaging precision, enhanced productivity features, and customizable solutions, the Biograph TruePoint 64 PET/CT empowers healthcare providers to deliver superior patient care while optimizing operational efficiency.