Mobile Siemens Biograph mCT PET/CT: Imaging Capabilities & Advanced Care Technology

Imaging Capabilities & Innovative Technology for Advanced Care

One of the standout features of the Mobile Siemens Biograph mCT PET/CT is its true time of flight (TOF) technology, which enhances contrast definition and enables the precise delineation of small lesions and anatomical details. This capability is particularly crucial in oncology, cardiology, and neurology, where accuracy is paramount for diagnosis and treatment planning.

The Mobile Siemens Biograph mCT PET/CT is equipped with innovative technologies such as FlowMotion™, which optimizes workflow efficiency and enables seamless imaging processes. Its powerful CT solutions, ranging from 40 to 128 slices, combined with low-dose technologies, provide flexibility and precision beyond standard care. This versatility makes the Biograph mCT invaluable for diagnostic, theranostic, radiation therapy planning, and research imaging applications.

Patient-Centric Design:

With a spacious 78-cm bore size and Siemens' intelligent imaging platform, AIDAN, the Mobile Biograph mCT PET/CT guarantees an improved patient and user experience. The large bore and high weight capacity accommodate patients of all sizes, including markedly obese individuals and pediatric patients. Additionally, the gantry table's impressive weight capacity of up to 500lbs simplifies imaging procedures for patients with higher BMI levels (clinically tested with BMI above 40 patients).

Artificial Intelligent (AI) Adds-On Imaging Platform:

At the heart of the Biograph mCT is the AIDAN platform, an intelligent imaging solution that leverages AI-based algorithms to enhance workflow efficiency and diagnostic accuracy. Features such as FAST PET Workflow AI streamline data processing by creating reports through Auto Ranges and Auto Data Export making rad technicians and radiologists deliver quicker results, while OncoFreeze / OncoFreeze AI enable motion management without extending scan time. The Multiparametric PET Suite AI adds valuable metabolic data to standard images, facilitating comprehensive diagnostic assessments without invasive measurements.


The Mobile Siemens Biograph mCT PET/CT represents a significant advancement in medical imaging technology, offering advanced imaging capabilities, patient-centric design, and radical AI-driven solutions. With its ability to accommodate diverse patient populations and support a wide range of clinical applications, the Biograph mCT is poised to elevate patient care standards and drive medical advancement. 

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