Mobile United Imaging uMI 550 PET/CT: Stable Detector Performance & Efficiency 

Stable Detector Performance & Mobile Goes Digital:

The uMI 550 PET/CT boasts an air-cooled digital detector design, maintaining a stable temperature environment for consistent detector performance. Unlike traditional PMT-based designs with high-voltage power requirements, this digital detector utilizes low-voltage power, reducing energy consumption while ensuring optimal imaging quality.

As a fully configured, air-cooled digital PET/CT system with a mobile-specific workflow, the uMI 550 maximizes patient throughput and operational efficiency. Its mobility enables healthcare providers to conduct scans at multiple locations in a single day, offering greater accessibility to imaging services for patients in diverse settings.

High-Quality Diagnostic CT & Automatic Quality Control:

Equipped with an 80-slice diagnostic CT, the Mobile uMI 550 PET/CT delivers high image quality with minimal radiation dose. This feature not only amplifies diagnostic accuracy but also promotes patient safety by minimizing exposure to ionizing radiation. Additionally, the CT can function as a standalone or backup unit for radiology procedures, adding versatility to its utility.

On top of that, this Mobile PET/CT also eliminates the need for radioactive sources for automatic daily quality control, significantly reducing radiation exposure to operators and also reducing operation cost for owners. Periodic full quality control procedures, supporting both liquid 18F and solid 68Ge sources, ensure the system's reliability and accuracy over time.

Reduction of Repeat Exams:

One of the standout features of the uMI 550 is the data-driven head motion correction algorithm. By detecting motion during patient scans and correcting motion blurring in real-time, this algorithm minimizes the need for repeat exams. This not only saves time and resources but also improves patient experience by reducing the likelihood of re-scans.


The Mobile United Imaging uMI 550 PET/CT represents another good choice in the medical imaging industry, combining digital innovation with mobility and efficiency. With its stable detector performance, high-quality diagnostic CT capabilities, and advanced motion correction algorithms, the uMI 550 sets new standards for imaging excellence that your facility might just need!

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