5 Reasons to Rent a Mobile CT

Are you considering upgrading your healthcare services with a CT scanner but uncertain whether to buy or rent? In this blog, let’s talk about whether renting might be the most suitable option for your needs.

Adding New Services with Low Risk 

If you’re considering "testing the market" to see if there’s enough demand to justify the hefty investment of a CT scanner, renting offers a safer and more cost-effective option.

A mobile CT scanner operates at the same quality level as a fixed-site CT but requires less initial investment. Plus, its mobility means it can serve multiple facilities, making it a versatile and affordable choice.

Additionally, CT scans are often in high demand, and renting allows you to quickly meet that demand without waiting for a fixed-site installation.

Prevent Backlog in Patient Volume 

Whether your facility is growing or undergoing renovations, a backlog in patient volume can hurt revenue and deter clients. Renting a mobile CT can help maintain a steady patient flow during these times.

Mobile CT imaging is flexible and can easily adjust to fluctuations in patient volume. Its mobility means it can be moved to different areas of the hospital, ensuring efficient service delivery and reducing patient wait times.

Sudden Increase in Patient Volume 

A sudden increase in patient volume might seem like a good reason to invest in a CT scanner, but it could be temporary. Renting allows you to meet increased demand without committing to a long-term investment.

By bringing CT imaging directly to the patient’s bedside, mobile units eliminate the need for transporting patients to the radiology department. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of complications during transportation.

Additionally, compared to other methods of imaging, CT would most likely be the most demanding method as doctors may order a CT scan as an initial step after initial assessment. Therefore, the wait and the demand of these machines might exceed your facility’s capability.

Ideal for Smaller Facilities 

Space constraints are a common challenge for smaller facilities. Mobile CT units offer a solution by providing high-quality imaging without taking up valuable space.

For smaller facilities where space is limited, renting a mobile CT is a practical and efficient way to access advanced imaging technology.

Addressing Space Constraints (Even for Big Hospitals) 

Even larger hospitals can face space constraints when it comes to installing a CT scanner. Renting a mobile unit allows these facilities to overcome space limitations without sacrificing quality or budget.

Instead of investing in a permanent installation, renting a mobile CT offers a flexible and affordable solution for both large and small medical facilities.

Ready for the next step

If your facility is having those issues or just simply wanting to explore new business with owning a Mobile CT, Medco Blue is here to help. Although we are located in the Midwest (Ohio), we have Mobile PET/CT units available for rent and buy nationwide, including Canada and Mexico.

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