Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Mobile CT

Limited Space / Avoid Construction Costs

If you’re facing limited space or want to dodge the hefty construction expenses tied to fixed CT scanners, a Mobile unit could be your saving grace. All you need is enough room in your parking lot or grounds to park a mobile unit, and you’re good to go. Limited space is the top reason for opting for mobile imaging systems, hands down.

Scan More Patients! Add Capacity and Generate More Revenue

Is your CT scanner already operating at maximum capacity? Surprisingly, CT scans are among the most frequently requested procedures by doctors, even more so than MRIs and X-rays. This is because CT scans are often preferred over MRIs for patients with implants like cochlear or bone implants, or pacemakers, where MRI's magnetic resonance might interfere. Plus, CT scans typically take less time and produce less noise than MRIs, offering better image quality compared to traditional X-rays.

A mobile CT is a quick and cost-effective way to ramp up the number of patients you can scan each day, week, and month. Simply buy it, park it, and start generating more revenue by scanning more patients.

Reduce Patient Backlog while Renovating 

Imagine renovations are in full swing, but you still need to keep patient flow smooth. A Mobile CT can help you reduce letting your patients wait for ages. No need to send patients to competing clinics or far-off facilities. A mobile CT ensures timely imaging, keeps your operations running smoothly, and saves your facility from a PR nightmare.

Moreover, investing in a Mobile CT is almost never a loss, as it’s highly in demand. Doctors often prioritize CT scans for their patients to check for internal injuries, making it suitable for a wide range of health demographics and profiles.

Use the Latest Technology 

In the world of medical equipment, new and upgraded CT systems hit the market every day. Staying current with the latest CT technology can strain budgets, especially with the emergence of AI in radiology imaging, promising reduced scan times and upgraded image quality. The hefty price tag associated with these machines can limit upgrades.

Instead of sinking funds into a fixed system that may become obsolete, consider a Mobile CT. It saves space, meets demand, and ensures compatibility with new technologies.

Serving multiple locations - Efficiency!

Let’s talk efficiency – one CT scanner serving multiple locations instead of each facility having its own. A mobile unit can easily move around, sparing you the hassle and expense of setting up multiple systems.

Moreover, it’s important to note that the images produced by a Mobile CT can be as high-quality as those from a fixed CT system. So, investing in a Mobile CT proves beneficial if you aim to serve multiple locations, particularly multiple emergency departments. The Mobile CT allows you to serve your patients faster and better!

Rent to Own 

Ever heard of "Rent to Own"? It's not just for furniture; it's for Mobile CTs too. Check with the experts at Medco Blue about this exclusive program. You can set a rental period, and voila, you can own the Mobile CT afterward. Flexibility is the name of the game, with tailored finance options and renting plans that suit your unique needs. Reach out to Medco Blue at for a tailored quote just for you. 


So, here's the scoop – Mobile CTs are not just about images; they're about solutions. They upgrade your tech game, bring flexibility to your doorstep, create additional income, and keep the patient flow smooth during makeovers. Don't forget to explore the "Rent to Own" options – your facility's financial hero might just be a Mobile CT away! Leave us a message or email us at to set up tailored quotes just for you!

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