Mobile Siemens SOMATOM Perspective 64/128 eco CT

Innovative Imaging Technology for High-grade Diagnostics:

The Mobile Siemens SOMATOM Perspective 64/128 eco CT highlights innovative technologies like SAFIRE (Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction), which not only elevates diagnostic confidence by reconstructing images by raw data but also reduces radiation dose by up to 60%.

This also means that patients would receive high-quality imaging experience with minimal exposure to radiation, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Another standout feature is the Single Source Dual Energy (SSDE) capability, which plays a crucial role in differentiating materials within the body. This is particularly useful in imaging complicated fractures or verifying diagnoses like gout. The ease of use is SSDE's most highlighted feature where setting up an SSDE examination is as simple as initiating a regular spiral scan, saving time for both physicians and patients.

Tailored for Clinical Needs & User-Centric Design Uplifts Workflow:

The SOMATOM Perspective 64/128 eco CT is engineered to meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers while enhancing workflow efficiency. For cardiac imaging, the scanner offers FAST CARE technology and the FAST Cardio Wizard, providing step-by-step guidance for physicians and ensuring reliable and reproducible results.

Additionally, the SureView™ concept and 64-row detector coverage enable routine high-speed imaging without compromising on image quality, even in acute care scenarios.

But what truly sets the SOMATOM Perspective 64/128 eco CT apart is the user-centric design. Features like Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST) automate complex procedures, expediting workflow and decision-making. The integrated display panel provides real-time scan parameters, facilitating quick and responsive monitoring during exams without the need for manual adjustment. This intuitive design not only improves efficiency but also upgrades the overall scanning experience for both patients and healthcare professionals.

eCockpit: The Epitome of Cost-Efficiency

Siemens’s unique eCockpit, standard on all SOMATOM Perspective scanners, is a game-changer in cost-efficiency. By minimizing energy consumption and wear and tear, eCockpit extends the scanner’s lifespan while reducing operational costs

Furthermore, the thin gantry design and sleek build require minimal floor space, making it an ideal choice for Mobile CT applications. With reduced space requirements and operational costs, the SOMATOM Perspective 64/128 eco CT becomes a cost-effective solution with high-performance for any facility looking for a Mobile CT.


The Mobile Siemens SOMATOM Perspective 64/128 eco CT scanner is a great Mobile CT to consider by integrating advanced technology with user-friendly design; this Mobile CT ensures high-quality patient care while meeting the diverse needs of healthcare facilities. 

Whether in cardiac imaging, routine diagnostics, or cost-efficient operation, the SOMATOM Perspective eco sets a new standard for excellence in Mobile CT systems. Contact us today at to learn more about how the Mobile Siemens SOMATOM Perspective 64/128 eco CT can benefit your facility and patients.

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