Mobile GE Optima CT660: Efficiency & Excellence

Tried and True Technologies:

The Mobile GE Optima CT660 represents a range of Tried and True technologies, including innovations like a 40-mm detector with a rapid 0.35-second rotation speed. These features not only maintain instant image acquisition but also uphold diagnostic image quality, allowing physicians to make fast and confident diagnosis.

One of the most notable advancements of this system is the energy-saving mode, which can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 60%, contributing to a greener and more sustainable healthcare environment. Additionally, the ASiR+ technology integrated into the system may enable lower mA exams throughout the body, potentially reducing patient dose without compromising diagnostic accuracy.

Designed for Efficiency and Patient Comfort:

Designed with both healthcare providers and patients in mind, the Mobile GE Optima CT660 prioritizes efficiency, comfort, and versatility. From pediatric to geriatric patients, and from routine scans to complex procedures, this scanner caters to a broad spectrum of imaging needs with ease.

On top of that, the Mobile CT is also built with a quieter console, automatic voice system and built-in display image to provide a better work experience where physicians can give instructions in the patient's preferred language to guide the patient into correct exam position, making the examination more personal and comfortable for the patient. The patient table can hold up to 500lbs making it ideal to treat high BMI profile patients and more patients efficiently. 

Advanced Technologies for Synchronized Workflow:

Whether it's cardiac, angiography, brain, chest, abdomen, orthopedic, or any other application, the Mobile GE Optima CT660 delivers high-quality imaging at an optimized dose. Advanced workflow innovations rationalize operations, making the scanning process quick and intuitive for healthcare professionals.

As being part of the GE family, the Mobile GE Optima CT660 holds their reputation and quality by simultaneously transferring data to optimize workflow between workstation, PACS, and external devices like CD writers. The GE Optima CT660 is also equipped with CAN Cia425 that can integrate an injector interface that can synchronize the start of the scan and the injection raise a higher success in contrast with bolus timing which can increase imaging success rate and reduce patient backlog. 


The Mobile GE Optima CT660 combines tried and true technologies with innovative features to deliver exceptional performance and patient care is considered one of the top choices for Mobile CT for any facility. From rapid image acquisition to energy-saving modes and versatile applications, this mobile CT scanner is designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers and patients alike.

If you're looking to elevate your healthcare facility's imaging capabilities and upgrade imaging quality, the Mobile GE Optima CT660 is the ideal choice. Contact us today to learn more about how this advanced CT scanner can transform your practice and improve the well-being of your patients.

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