Mobile Philips Ingenuity Core 64 CT 

Ingenuity at Work: Enhancing Efficiency and Precision

With the Philips Ingenuity Core 64, faster reconstruction means faster results as this Mobile CT features iDose4 - one of the newest generation of DoseWise features. iDose4 produces low dose CT imaging that can be up to 80% dosage exposure reduction compared to other modalities while still maintaining image quality. 

RapidView IR technology reconstructs images 137% faster than previous generations, maintaining swift and efficient diagnosis. Moreover, the MRC Ice X-ray tube eliminates the need for warm-up or cool-down periods, maximizing uptime and productivity for both physicians and their patients.

Time-efficiency for Physicians and Patients

Reduce training time and minimize repeat exams is one of the core advantages of the Mobile Philips Ingenuity Core 64 CT. By prioritizing departmental efficiency and workflow optimization, this mobile CT scanner empowers healthcare professionals to focus on patient care and let physicians to experience precision meets efficiency for high diagnostic accuracy which will reduce patient backlog significantly for any facility.

Advancing Imaging Excellence: Key Features 

  • Astonish TF and iDose4: Elevate imaging quality while reducing dose exposure by up to 80%.

  • Full-fidelity Imaging Accuracy: Ensure precise and reliable diagnostic assessment with TF full listmode capabilities.

  • PET Imaging Evolution: Transition from qualitative to quantitative performance with TF full listmode capabilities, providing greater accuracy in quantitative assessment.


The Mobile Philips Ingenuity Core 64 CT with the competitive fast reconstruction speed, innovative features, and commitment to patient-centric care has proven their reputation of being one of the best Mobile CT in the market. This Mobile CT has assisted healthcare providers to achieve high quality results with confidence and precision. Experience the future of diagnostic excellence with the Philips Ingenuity Core 64 with Medco Blue today!

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