Mobile Canon Aquilion Prime SP 160 CT

Empowering Diagnostic Confidence:

With premium technology migrated straight from high-end CT systems, the Mobile Aquilion Prime SP 160 ensures sharp, clear, and distinct images, enabled by Deep Learning Reconstruction. 

This intelligent technology feature focuses on patient safety while providing confident diagnosis, handling all patients from pediatric to bariatric (smallest to largest patient in age and BMI), even the most challenging cases by matching the spatial resolution and low-noise properties. This ensures the Mobile CT to deliver exceptional images without compromising on dose

Uplifting Patient Experience:

The Mobile Canon Aquilion Prime SP 160 CT prioritizes patient comfort and safety, featuring a wide, open, and low design that puts patients at ease. Improved access to the patient from the front and rear of the gantry ensures safety and comfort during positioning, making the imaging experience more pleasant for patients.

On top of that, the Mobile CT is also equipped with power assisted patient positioning, helping physicians to set up patients faster and avoids heavy lifting that might require the whole attending care team to result in longer care and potential patient backlog.

Maximizing Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness:

Economize on space without compromising on performance with the Mobile Canon Prime SP 160 CT. This Mobile CT system enables you to image more patients faster while lowering the cost of care by offering scalable options to your needs. Not just that, the Mobile CT is also capable of imaging a larger number of patients daily by being able to perform a scan faster than their competitor making its cost-efficient and energy-efficient for any facility owner. 

By maximizing patient throughput and minimizing operational costs, the Mobile Canon Aquilion Prime SP 160 offers a compelling solution for healthcare providers looking to upgrade their imaging capabilities while optimizing resource utilization.


The Mobile Canon Prime SP 160 CT is a combining advanced technology with a patient-centric design, this Mobile CT scanner empowers healthcare providers to deliver superior care with confidence and precision. 

From fast and accurate diagnoses to enhanced patient comfort and streamlined workflow efficiency, the Aquilion Prime SP 160 has proven to be one of the best candidates in the Mobile CT market so far. Experience the future of diagnostic excellence with the Mobile Canon Prime SP 160 CT with Medco Blue today!

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