Cost-Efficiency in Mobile Medical Imaging: Your Ultimate Guide to Budget Optimization with Medco Blue

The demand for Mobile Imaging Equipment is continuously on the rise. However, along with this demand comes the challenge of rising costs, driven by factors like inflation, supply chain disruptions, and global crises. 

As healthcare facilities navigate these challenges, optimizing operational and capital budgets becomes a priority, especially with the increasing competition in the Mobile Imaging Industry. This is where Medco Blue steps in, offering solutions to help facilities acquire essential Mobile Imaging systems while maximizing your budgetary resources.

Mobile Imaging System Service Request:

Let's talk about what healthcare facilities should expect when acquiring any new Mobile Systems.

Replacement of Equipment/Change in Technology:

It's common for medical imaging systems to be replaced or upgraded every 5 to 10 years to keep pace with technological advancements and patient demands. However, upgrading or replacing equipment often comes with significant upfront costs, including machine prices and associated services such as installation, application training, and setup of specialized rooms like led-shielded (CT, PET, PET/CT) or RF shielded rooms (MRI).

Additionally, healthcare facilities may require interim solutions to maintain patient volume during equipment replacement or upgrade projects. Obtaining a Mobile system promptly to meet patient demand without a hefty initial investment is important during these transitional periods.

De-installation/Removal Fees and Add-ons:

Disposing of old or non-functional equipment can lead to additional expenses, such as de-installation and removal fees. These fees, along with add-ons like installation and contrast injector services, can limit a facility's options due to budget constraints.

The add on fees might limit you from finding the best system due to budget restraints as companies typically charge for de-installation and equipment removal on top of the price to purchase a new system. In the case that they don’t offer the de-installation/removal service? You’d have to find a third-party company like Medco Blue to take care of the de-installation/removal service for you. In that scenario, you can expect overlapped fees to take place where they shouldn’t have in the first place. 


Medco Blue recognizes the challenges faced by healthcare providers and offers tailored solutions to address them effectively. 

Service bundling:

Medco Blue offers bundled services, providing a holistic solution for equipment replacement or upgrade projects. For example, when purchasing a new Mobile MRI system, facilities can opt to sell their old MRI system to Medco Blue. 

In addition to supplying the mobile rental, Medco Blue handles de-installation, removal, installation, contrast injector service, and parts finding. These bundling service packages are customizable to match facility needs and streamline processes. Leave us a quick message at today to set up a custom package plan just for your facility!

Your Trusted Source of Contact:

By bundling services, Medco Blue becomes a centralized contact point for all equipment-related needs, reducing administrative burden. Whether it's renting, buying, leasing, repair, preventive maintenance (PM), or parts finding, Medco Blue has got it covered. Facilities can reach out to Medco Blue at to set up a custom package plan tailored to their needs.


Let's illustrate the benefits of Medco Blue's services through two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Outgoing System for Sale, Mobile Rental Needed:

If your facility is looking for an alternative solution while renovating your system or expanding your patient’s volume, Medco Blue can provide a temporary Mobile Imaging system tailored to facility needs.

Facilities can capitalize on the value offered for their outgoing equipment to offset the costs of renting a Mobile system from Medco Blue. With options like the "Rent-to-Own" program, facilities can set up a rental contract and own the system at the end of the term. Learn more HERE

Scenario 2: Current System Break-down/Needs Maintenance

Medco Blue offers services like emergency repairs and preventive maintenance packages to minimize unexpected breakdowns and downtime or assist you in finding the part for your Mobile with our inventory service. We also offer Emergency/Spot Repair depending on the severity of the breakdown that your system is undergoing. 

However, you can totally avoid getting unexpected/emergency breakdown by setting up a bi-annual preventive maintenance (PM) package with us today. The package can also include coverage for emergency/spot-repair depending upon your request. 


Partnering with Medco Blue and utilizing bundled services offers healthcare facilities a strategic advantage in optimizing their operational and capital budgets. By consolidating various equipment-related needs into comprehensive packages, facilities can streamline processes and reduce administrative burden. 

With Medco Blue’s solutions tailored to meet facility needs, facilities can offset upfront costs and minimize additional expenses associated with equipment disposal, installation, and maintenance. By eliminating the hassle of coordinating multiple vendors and services, facilities can focus on delivering high-quality patient care and maintaining competitiveness in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

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