Siemens SOMATOM Emotion 64

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Product Description:

The SOMATOM Emotion CT system combines efficiency, the finest clinical applications, and fast workflow to bring an imaging solution that translates into better clinical outcomes and greater success for you. This scanner was designed for faster patient throughput and has a wide variety of features. The Emotion 64 features Syngo user interface, an air-cooled, high-speed gantry, fast 3D-processing tools, SureView multislice image reconstruction, SOMATOM WorkStream, and optional Lung CARE CAD and Colonography PEV.


  • Available for purchase and lease.


  • Smallest Focal Spot
  • UFC Detector
  • Syngo user interface
  • 1472 Effective Detector Channels
  • air-cooled, high-speed, Small Gantry Geometry
  • SureView multislice image reconstruction
  • SOMATOM WorkStream
  • CARE Dose4D
  • Significant Dose Reduction and Image Quality Improvement with IRIS*

CT Technology

  • syngo LungCARE CT with NEX (Nodule Enhanced Viewing)
  • syngo Colonography with PEV (Polyp Enhanced Viewing)


ModelSomatom Emotion 64
X-Ray Tubetube