Hitachi Airis II 0.3T MRI

Hitachi Airis II 0.3T MRI

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About the Hitachi Airis II 0.3T MRI Scanner

Medco Blue can quote your health facility with a refurbished or used Hitachi Airis II 0.3T MRI scanner, including installation, calibration, applications training, and service. Below you will find general information and specs related to the Hitachi Airis II 0.3T. We look forward to the opportunity to quote you this MRI scanner. Contact us at 216-600-0801 and today.


Product Description:

AIRIS II 0.3T established Hitachi’s reputation as the Open MR leader, equipped with a workhorse, low maintenance, permanent magnet providing consistent image quality and many capabilities.  Performance results excel from optimized sub-systems like the efficient gradient, the multi-tasking workstation and a digital multiple array capable RF system.  The innovative wide patient table and gantry design helps to deliver a high level of patient comfort. The Hitachi AIRIS II 0.3T remains a sought-after scanner on the used equipment market and has continued to maintain high resale value over the last decade.

Hitachi Airis II Key Features:

  • Open 0.3 T Permanent Magnet, Cryogen Free.
  • No Equipment room or chiller required
  • Operator Workstation Flat Screen Monitor.
  • Software Level 5.1H
  • Scanning Sequences: 2D/3D SG, 2D/3D
  • RF-Soiled SARGE (RSSG),
  • Time-Reversed SARGE (TRSG),
  • MR Angio, Fast Spin Echo.
  • Open patient accessibility
  • DiCom
  • PACS
  • Laser Camera
  • PDU
  • 3-D
  • Dual pillar design
  • Non-claustrophobic open gantry with 210 degrees open at the front and 70 degrees at the rear
  • Fully motorized patient table

Equipment Specs:

  • Clinical application: Whole body
  • Configuration: Vertical Orientation Field
  • Surface coils: DualQuad T/R Body Coil, MA Head, MA C-Spine, MA Shoulder, MA Wrist, MA CTL Spine, MA Knee, MA TMJ, MA Flex Body (3 sizes), Neck, small and large Extremity, PVA (WIP), Breast (WIP), Neurovascular (WIP), Cardiac (WIP) and MA Foot//Ankle (WIP)
  • Spectroscopy: No 
  • Synchronization: Cardiac gating, ECG/peripheral, respiratory gating (2 modes)
  • Pulse sequences: SE, GE, GR, IR, FIR, STIR, ss-FSE, FSE, DE-FSE/FIR, FLAIR, ss/ms-EPI, ss/ms EPI- DWI, SSP, MTC, SE/GE-EPI, MRCP, SARGE, RSSG, TRSG, BASG, Angiography: CE, PC, 2D/3D TOF
  • Imaging modes: Single, multislice, volume study
  • Strength: 8 mT/m 
  • 5-gauss fringe field: horizontal 2.5 m x 2.1 m vertical
  • Shimming: Auto shimming, 3-axis/patient and active shimming
  • Patient table: 80cm wide
  • Table height: 18” minimum
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lb
  • Size: 6.6ft. horizontal x 8.2ft. vertical
  • Room Size Needed: 388 sq. ft. minimum site plan
  • Power: 208v single phase power
  • Power Consumption: Low 3KW average
  • Wide bore MRI scanner: No
  • Minimum 3D slice thickness (mm): 0.5
  • Minimum 2D slice thickness (mm): 2
  • Number of independent RF receive channels: 4
  • Max. gradient amplitude (mT/m): 15
  • Gradient slew rate (mТ/m/mcs): 30
  • MRI Type: open
  • Gantry aperture (mm): 430
  • Weight (kg): 15701

Computer and Console:

  • Host CPU:  64-bit RISC-based processor
  • Memory:  1GB
  • Magnetic Disk:  3.5”, 9GB capacity, stores 27,000 images (256 x 256)
  • Optical Disk:  5.25”, 2.6GB (re-writable) capacity, stores 17,000 images (256 x 256)
  • Reconstruction Time:  0.05s/image
  • Display Monitor:  Large LCD color monitor
  • Display Matrix:  1280 x 1024
  • Input:  Keyboard, mouse, control panel
  • Laser Imager Interface:  Digital, host control

Radio Frequency:

  • Frequency:  12.7MHz
  • Transmitter Type:  Digital 4-channel, quadrature design
  • Transmit Power:  5kW (maximum)
  • Transmit Modulation:  Digital, amplitude, frequency and phase
  • Detection:  Linear, quadrature and multiple array
  • Preamp Noise Figure:  0.3dB
  • Variable Bandwidth:  Digital, automatic and manual
  • Prescan:  Set RF power (flip angle), frequency, receiver gain/tuning


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