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Hitachi Oasis 1.2T MRI

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About the Hitachi Oasis 1.2T MRI Scanner

Medco Blue can quote your health facility with a refurbished or used Hitachi Oasis 1.2T MRI scanner, including installation, calibration, applications training, and service. Below you will find general information and specs related to the Hitachi Oasis 1.2T. We look forward to the opportunity to quote you this MRI scanner. Contact us at 216-600-0801 and today.


Product Description:

The Hitachi Oasis 1.2T is known as the strongest high-field Open MRI scanner. This scanner focuses on comfort, with true patient-centric design.  With Oasis, you can scan patients with special needs in no time.  Its open gantry creates a spacious feeling, with an unobstructed view and access from all sides; while calming ambient lighting and silent scanning help your patient relax even more.  Children who need a hand to hold, claustrophobic and anxious patients, obese or very muscular patients, and patients who need interventional procedures will have the space they need to feel comfortable and at ease for smooth scanning. 

  • Open gantry designed for claustrophobic, bariatric, geriatric and pediatric patients or interventional scans.
  • Extra-wide patient table handles up to 300kg, with in-gantry left & right movement and multiple coil connectors.
  • QuickScan accelerates the exam process for anxious or motion-prone patients.
  • Efficient workflow enables greater productivity - from patient registration to positioning, scanning and post-processing.
  • Advanced magnet technologies and imaging features deliver outstanding image quality.


OASIS delivers an open design of a 270° round view with a spacious feeling. Quick scans and quiet noise levels add to a relaxed, positive patient experience.

  • Open architecture with a vertical magnet and two pillars with a 270° round view.
  • Industry-leading 82cm-wide patient table includes in-gantry lateral movement, a 300kg weight capacity, and multiple coil connectors.
  • Reduce noise levels without prolonging scan time or compromising image quality with SoftSound.
  • QuickScan setting accelerates the scanning process so that your patient spends minimum time on the table.
  • Scan and diagnose complex vascular systems using a variety of non-contrast techniques.

Claustrophobic and anxious patients:

Claustrophobic and anxious patients are given the space they need with Oasis.. Thanks to its spacious design, patients can get distracted by what’s going on outside the scanner, stretch out their arms- and breathe.

Obese or very muscular patients:

Obese or very muscular patients can struggle to fit inside a conventional MRI tube. Oasis provides enough space for them to be comfortable and fit with ease.  It’s provided patient table can hold up to 300kg, enabling you to examine the largest of patients.


Ensuring that your patient lays as still as possible during the scan is essential for obtaining clear images and a more accurate diagnosis. Children and the elderly can get nervous, fidgety and upset in an MRI tube.  Oasis allows a loved one to sit with the patient for the entire scan - be able to speak with them and hold their hand to help finish an exam successfully.


Interventional procedures or critical care:

OASIS’ open gantry allows you to conduct real-time interventional procedures - and observe your needle on a monitor without repositioning the patient. The patient stays inside the gantry during the whole procedure unlike a tunnel system. The result: you can perform prostate or breast biopsies, pain therapy or laser therapy faster, easier and more accurately.

High-field, clinical capabilities:

  • All around RADAR imaging to reduce motions artifacts.
  • Various fat suppression methods with minimized influence of magnetic susceptibility, like STIR, FatSep, H-Sinc or Water Excitation.
  • Image quantification with T2 RelaxMap showing actual T2 values in a color overlay - to support orthopedic studies and the depiction of articular cartilage.
  • Various advanced imaging features, like RAPID, TIGRE, ADAGE, TRAQ, FLUTE, VASC, BSI and isoFSE.
  • Individual shimming per patient for a uniform magnetic field, outstanding image quality and patient comfort with HOSS.

User-friendly and efficient workflow:

  • Scan faster with our QuickScan setting.
  • Automatic slice positioning with AutoPose.
  • Remote application support to help optimize protocols, train technicians - and control the entire exam online with SENTINEL™.
  • Remote maintenance support delivers automatic notification of anything suspicious via SENTINEL™ - maximizing your uptime.

High-performance hardware:

  • 1.2T superconductive MRI scanner with vertical field.
  • Powerful RF chain with 18kW.
  • Powerful gradient with 33mT/m max. strength and 100T/m/s max. slew rate.
  • 45cm FOV in all axis.
  • Highly sensitive receiver coils based on Zenith solenoid elements technology.

Standard Coils:

  • Shoulder Coil
  • Large Joint Coil
  • Breast Coil
  • Body Coil 
  • Flex Body Coil L/XL
  • Wrist Coil
  • Knee Coil
  • Foot Coil
  • Nerovascular Coil
  • Head Coil
  • Cervical Spine Coil
  • Thorax CTL Coil

Abdomen and Pelvis Advantages:

  •  RAPID™ parallel imaging Torso/Abdomen coil for fast scanning while maintaining excellent SNR
  •  Maximum patient accommodation - 2 sizes of flex coils and T/R body coil
  •  RADAR™ free breathing acquisition
  •  In/Out of phase multi-echo Gradient Echo technique
  •  TIGRE™ for outstanding dynamic liver and breast imaging
  •  Excellent large FOV fat suppression for up to 45 cm single scan

Breast Imaging Advantages:

  •  Implant integrity evaluation
  •  Pathology detection
  •  MR Guided Biopsy – medial and lateral
  •  Comfortable scan
  •  Analysis tools – time/intensity curves
  •  CAD compatibility

Neurological Imaging Advantages:

  •  Dedicated neuro imaging coils for high image quality
  •  RADAR for motion free imaging
  •  Large 45cm FOV (all axes)
  •  Fat Suppression – RF Fat saturation, Fast STIR, Water Excitation
  •  Diffusion Weighted Imaging


Orthopedic Imaging Advantages:

  •  Dedicated orthopedic imaging coils for high image quality
  •  RF Fat Saturation benefits from easy placement of anatomy at isocenter
  •  Water Excitation sequences for cartilage imaging
  •  RADAR motion free imaging
  •  Heavy T2 weighting (bright fluid) with reduced scan time
  •  MR arthrograms benefit from excellent RF fat suppression

Uniform fat suppression is realized through RF fat saturation and water excitation methods for all orthopedic applications

Vascular Imaging Advantages:

  •  MRA benefits from 100 T/m/sec slew rate
  •  VASC™ Non contrast MRA - peripheral MRA for patients with renal insufficiency
  •  TRAQ™ - Time resolved MRA 
  •  FLUTE™ Fluoro triggering - consistent arterial phase capture
  •  PEAKS™, RPEAKS, TPEAKS: Centric k-space ordering techniques 
  •  Ensure easy, consistent capture of the critical arterial phase

Hitachi Oasis 1.2T MRI Specifications:



  • 1.2 Tesla Hitachi vertical field superconducting
  • 45 x 45 x 45 cm FOV
  • Guaranteed Homogeneity
  • 0.3ppm @35cm DSV (Vrms)
  • Active magnetic shielding
  • Helium cryogen
  • Refill: Up to two years

Gradient System:


The standard Oasis gradients deliver the capability for rapid acquisition of high-resolution images. The high peak strength and fast slew rate allow the user to select short TE times, small FOV, thin slices and high matrices.

  • Peak amplitude: 33 mT/m
  • Peak slew rate: 100 T/m/s
  • Active shielding
  • Water cooling
  • Gradient noise reduction
  • Softsound™ sequences
  • Sound dampening



  • 5 gauss line
  • Axial 4.0 m (13' 1")
  • Radial 3.3 m (10' 9")
  • Scan room size
  • 23’ 8” x 16’ 6” (Typical)


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