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Siemens C.Cam

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About the Siemens C.Cam Nuclear Medicine System

Medco Blue can quote your health facility with a refurbished or used Siemens C.Cam Nuclear Medicine system, including installation, calibration, applications training, and service. Below you will find general information and specs related to the Siemens C.Cam. We look forward to the opportunity to quote you this Nuclear Medicine system. Contact us at 216-600-0801 and today.


Product Description:

The Siemens cardiac gamma camera gives you the ability to perform high-quality scans in a small space without costly renovation fees. An inviting, open design with a comfortable reclining chair makes for a better and friendlier patient experience. The bi-pivotal camera moves up and around the patient, helping to minimize rescans and reducing motion artifacts.  With low camera,  installation cost, and warranty included, the cardiac has a low total cost of ownership. The high image quality with proprietary HD Detectors and Autoform collimators, and high throughput may increase the number of patients you are able to scan--improving your overall bottom line.

  • Quick Installation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Improved patient experience


  • 2 Rectangular Digital Detectors
  • Advanced 5 channel row and column decoding per individual PMT offers high image quality
  • 24 high-resolution photomultiplier tubes per detector
  • 14.2” x 8.0” UFOV per detector
  • Optimized Field of View
  • Eliminates undesirable activity uptake in other organs from affecting images.
  • Unobstructed Cardiac SPECT
  • No pallet material and 0% attenuation in focus area.
  • Light-Weight AUTOFORM Collimators
  • Easily changed by hand.
  • Fixed 90º Position
  • Small dead space for minimal patient to detector distance.
  • Advanced Motions
  • Arm rotation and detector swivel motors deliver a circular SPECT motion.
  • Control Tower
  • Electronic cabinet with motion controllers and power supplies.
  • Patient-friendly Design
  • Patient to recline comfortably during scanning. A relaxed patient moves less, so image quality and patient experience are enhanced.
  • Small Footprint
  • 8 ft. x 8 ft. system footprint that fits comfortable in a 9 ft. x 10 ft. minimum room size.
  • Imaging table with pad
  • Siemens E.Soft Processing Computer
  • Bar Phantom
  • ECG Cardiac Gate
  • UPS Backup Power Unit

Available Options:

  • Color Printer
  • Workstation
  • Invia 4DMSPECT cardiac software package
  • Cedars Sinai cardiac software package
  • Emory cardiac software package
  • UltraSPECT ½ time and/or ½ dose package
  • Remote viewing station
  • Fully equipped hot lab
  • BC Backup + patient archiving system
  • MiE Product: SCRINTRON
  • New Windows 7 Cedars Processing Computer
  • Extended Warranty
  • Discounted multi-year service agreements


Easy Installation:

  • “Typical” installation
  • 8 ft. x 8 ft. system footprint
  • 9 ft. x 10 ft. minimum room size
  • Minimum room remodeling requirements
  • Standard 110 volt A/C power requirement

Easy Learning:

  • One-click acquisition
  • Universal, intuitive syngo user interface
  • Efficient processing workflows

Easy Use:

  • Automated camera setup
  • Minimal quality control requirements
  • Intuitive hand controller
  • Preprogrammed motions
  • Predefined acquisition protocols


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