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About the Siemens Nuclear Medicine System

Medco Blue can quote your health facility with a refurbished or used Siemens Nuclear Medicine system, including installation, calibration, applications training, and service. Below you will find general information and specs related to the Siemens We look forward to the opportunity to quote you this Nuclear Medicine system. Contact us at 216-600-0801 and today.


Product Description:

The Siemens Signature Series has earned a desirable reputation for top-tier clinical flexibility and image quality. E.Cam is a high-performance variable angle system that provides high-definition images for a full range of nuclear medicine studies.  Siemens offers four nuclear medicine camera configurations to meet the needs of an array of nuclear medicine facilities:

  • Single-Head Gamma Camera:
  • The Siemens Single-Head nuclear camera has the smallest footprint of the four configurations. Best for general purpose imaging, the Single-Head nuclear camera features an open gantry and the BICORE™ rapid insert collimator system.
  • Dual-Head 180° Gamma Camera:
  • Ideal for oncological applications, the Siemens Dual-Head 180° nuclear camera features detectors in opposite positions optimized for both whole body and SPECT scanning. The open gantry design permits easy access for patients sitting, standing or on stretchers.
  • Dual-Head Variable Angle Gamma Camera:
  • The Siemens Dual-Head Variable Angle nuclear camera enables 180°, 90° and 76° detector positions allowing the system to optimize sensitivity and throughput for general purpose, cardiology, oncology and neurology studies. The system's full range of motion allows for caudal and cephalic detector tilt.
  • Dual-Head Coincidence Gamma Camera:
  • The Siemens Dual-Head Coincidence nuclear camera features dual-head variable-angle and fixed detectors to perform whole body imaging.


  • The Signature Series features subdued color accents, creating a more open and calm environment
  • HD detectors with high count rate and energy independent performance ensure outstanding image quality
  • option is the first-ever patient comfort and clinical education system, providing on-board interactive multimedia capability
  • Flash 3D, the most advanced SPECT iterative reconstruction technology available lets you optimize acquisition time and image quality
  • User-defined workflows improve department efficiency and throughput
  • Syngo MI Workplace offers increased speed, capacity, and performance
  • Broad DICOM connectivity allows viewing of multi-modality images side-by-side with nuclear medicine images
  • Automatic body contour for SPECT and whole body imaging

Standard Features:


  • 2 high-definition, variable angle, digital detectors
  • 59 high resolution photomultiplier tubes per detector
  • 3/8” crystals
  • 21” x 15.25” UFOV per detector
  • Semi-automatic collimator exchange
  • Ultra-thin imaging pallet
  • LCT monitors
  • Available in single, dual, and variable angle detector configurations
  • Cardiac and Whole-Body Capabilities
  • Large Field of View Detectors: 21” x 15.25” LFOV
  • 59 Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT) per detector
  • Room Size Requirements: Recommended 16’5” x 19’
  • Table Patient Weight Limit: 400 Pounds
  • Siemens E.Soft Processing Computer



  • 2 LEHR collimators
  • UPS backup power unit
  • “Typical” installation
  • Parts and labor warranty


Additional Options:


  • UltraSPECT Half-Time/Half-Dose Reduction Software Available
  • New Windows 7 Segami Oasis Processing Computer
  • New Cardiac Gate
  • Printers. UPS
  • Hot-lab and Ancillary Equipment
  • Patient Comfort Kit
  • Extended Service Agreement
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Archive Tracker (Data Back up)


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