GE Discovery STE 16 PET/CT

GE Discovery STE 16 PET/CT

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About the GE Discovery STE 16 PET/CT Scanner

Medco Blue can quote your health facility with a refurbished or used GE Discovery STE 16 PET/CT, including installation, calibration, applications training, and service. Below you will find general information and specs related to the GE Discovery STE 16. We look forward to the opportunity to quote you this PET/CT scanner. Contact us at 216-600-0801 and today.


Product Description:

The GE Discovery STE 16 PET/CT is a whole body scanner, capable of 2D and 3D acquisition modes, with a combination of Lightspeed’s high performance CT and PET. The Discovery STE is ideal for cardiology and oncology studies, but powerful and flexible enough for advanced clinical applications.  Triple axis laser alignment lights, automatic rod source storage, internally cooled gantry, and high-speed acquisition and reconstruction electronics are just some of the features the GE Discovery STE 16 offers.

Standard Features:

  • Integrated gantry containing a slip-ring designed CT X-Ray tube and multi-slice detector, 24 PET detector rings of BGO crystals, high-speed acquisition and reconstruction electronics
  • Patient imaging table with extended dual-patient scan range
  • Dual-table and gantry motion control panels show gantry and table position
  • Convenient foot pedals for table up/down control
  • Fast table movement with simultaneous up/in or down/out movement
  • Internally cooled gantry – Eliminates need for water chiller
  • One integrated Operator Console
  • Triple-axis laser alignment lights
  • PET DICOM connectivity (Query, Retrieve, Send, Receive) and DICOM Print
  • Attenuation correction by transmission measurements using CT or (optionally) Germanium sources
  • Static, dynamic and cardiac gated emission acquisition modes
  • Automatic loading and storage of all rod sources used for calibration and attenuation correction
  • Can perform virtually any CT clinical application

Software Options Include:  

  • PET 2D
  • Card IQ Snap Shot
  • PET Base
  • Power 440
  • Direct-3D
  • Smart Speed
  • Vari Viewer
  • Auto MA
  • Tube 6.3MHU
  • 3000 Image Series
  • Smart Prep
  • Patient 16 Slice
  • Smart Score Pro
  • PET Cardiac
  • PET Diagnostic CT
  • Connect Pro
  • Data Export
  • CopyComposer
  • VolumeViewer
  • PET Cardiac Review
  • PET Dynamic Review
  • 90kVA
  • Direct-MPR
  • Exam Split
  • NoiseReductionFilter
  • EKG Viewer
  • PET List Mode
  • PET 3D Iterative Recon
  • Rad_Rx
  • WideView
  • PET Cardiac Shift
  • ACQC


  • “Typical” installation
  • Parts and labor warranty

Available Options:

  • Workstation
  • UPS backup power unit
  • On-site applications training
  • Remote viewing station
  • Discounted multi-year service agreements


Image Reconstruction:

  • Image uniformity:  +/-3%
  • Coincidence window, nsec:  11.05 (2-D), 9.75 (3-D)
  • Reconstruction time, sec:  Examdependent, CT up to 16 fps

Installation Requirements:

  • Minimum room size:  
  • 4.42 x 7.62 m (14.5 x 25 ft) exam room
  • 4.42 x 2.46 m (14.5 x 8.1 ft) control room

Detector Capabilities:

  • System capabilities: 2.0 trues (2-D), 8.5 trues (3-D); using ring difference of +23, average on central axis and 10 cm off axis
  • Scatter Friction: 19% (2-D), 35% (3-D)<1>
  • Maximum count rate, cps @50% dead time: 84 kcps @ 49 kBq/ml (2-D), 75 kcps @ 12 kBq/ml (3-D); NECR<1>
  • Transmission source: CT attenuation correction
  • Other characteristics: Numeric display of count rate and elapsed time, dual operator controls on each side of gantry

DICOM Compliant: Yes

Patient Table:

  • Vertical motion,cm: 55-102.5
  • Horizontal motion, cm: 160
  • Head support: Fixed offset headholder
  • Arm support: Yes
  • Max.patient weight capacity, kg: 180 (400)


  • Crystal composition: BGO
  • Crystal size, mm: 4.7 x 6.3 x 30
  • Axial fov, mm: 157
  • Number of crystals per pmt: 48

Power Needed: 

  • 380-480 VAC nominal
  • 3-phase
  • 50/60 Hz
  • 100 kVA service
  • 30 kVA average power


  • H x W x D, cm: 193 x 230 x 109 (75.2 x 89.7 x 42.5)
  • WEIGHT, kg: 3,855 (8,500)
  • Patient port diameter, cm: 70
  • Patient Positioning: Triple Laser
  • Image processor: Nvidia Quadro4 980XGL AGP 8X graphics with 128 MB memory, SGI VPRO V12-DCD graphics engine with 128 MB SDRAM
  • Storage media/size: More than 1 GB storage
  • Display: 2 color 19“ LCD, 1280 x 1024
  • Printing options: DICOM color printer
  • Acquisition possibilities: Integrated Dimension Console with 2-D and 3-D, VUE point reconstruction, 4-D respiratory gating

Detector Characteristics:

  • # of rings: 24
  • Ring diameter, cm: 88.6
  • # of crystals: 13440
  • Model: Discovery STE 16 PET CT

Computer System:

  • Acquisition cpu:  Integrated PET/CT computer built on Xtream FXTM technology, 64-bit microprocessor; single/dual R12000A processor with Direct3D option; dual SMP 2.66.GHz Intel Xeon processors with 512KB L2 cache
  • Storage media/size: More than 1 GB storage
  • Array Processor: 64-bit microprocessor; single/dual R12000A processor with Direct3D option; dual SMP 2.66.GHz Intel Xeon processors with 512KB L2 cache


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