Siemens Biograph TruePoint 40 PET/CT

Siemens Biograph TruePoint 40 PET/CT

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About the Siemens Biograph TruePoint 40 PET/CT Scanner

Medco Blue can quote your health facility with a refurbished or used Siemens Biograph TruePoint 40 PET/CT, including installation, calibration, applications training, and service. Below you will find general information and specs related to the Siemens Biograph TruePoint 40. We look forward to the opportunity to quote you this PET/CT scanner. Contact us at 216-600-0801 and today.


Product Description:

The Siemens Biograph TruePoint 40 PET/CT is a very high-powered, flexible medical imaging scanner.  This system allows you to select from various CT configurations, resolutions, and clinical configuration options.  It optimizes clinical throughput and increases sensitivity and resolution with LSO-based detectors.  Routine 10-minute PET exams, an increase count rate performance by 70%, and higher resolution are all provided by the Siemens Biograph TruePoint 40 PET/CT.


  • Higher resolution throughout the field of view with HD•PET
  • Biograph™ TruePoint™ completely integrates the functional sensitivity of PET with the rich anatomical detail of diagnostic multislice CT. Exclusive technologies, such as HD•PET, TrueV, HI-REZ, LSO, Pico-3D, TrueC and SureView, offer superb image quality for improved diagnostic confidence. With Biograph TruePoint you can be more confident in your ability to detect changes in metabolic activity before anatomical changes become visible.
  • Largest PET field of view in the industry, increasing count rate performance by >70%
  • It is time to think big. Biograph TruePoint with TrueV increases the PET field of view by an eye-opening 33 percent in the axial dimension. TrueV is proven to increase count rate performance by greater than 70 percent, giving you the flexibility to lower dose rates or scan times by 50 percent. It provides you with the most functional information possible per PET bed positions and reveals clear, breathtaking PET images.
  • Routine 10-minute PET exams
  • Biograph TruePoint is built on the most popular CT platform in the world, the SOMATOM® Emotion.* The advanced CT capabilities of Biograph TruePoint enable increased diagnostic confidence and system utilization.


  • 227 kg (500 lb) bed limit 
  • With wide pallet helps accommodate bariatric patients.
  • STRATON X-ray tube 
  • Provides fast 0.33 s CT rotation speed and high resolution.
  • Unparalleled 0 MHU STRATON X-ray tube
  • Has caused a paradigm shift in CT imaging. The tube’s direct anode cooling eliminates the need for heat storage, permitting a compact design and the fastest CT gantry rotation for all applications.
  • LSO crystals and HI-REZ detectors 
  • Offer industry-leading PET performance.
  • TrueV 
  • Extends the PET field of view (FOV) by 33% and increases NEMA count rate by >70%.
  • HD·PET 
  • Offers uniformity, high- resolution, and 2x better contrast over conventional PET.
  • z-Sharp 
  • Provides .33 mm resolution at any scan and rotation speed and at any position.
  • Sureview
  • A patented solution for multislice CT scanning, provides  exceptional image quality at any pitch setting. 
  • HD Uniformity
  • Images are distortion-free throughout the entire field of view, from center to edges, enabling more accurate visualization of fine detail no matter where you look.
  • HD Resolution
  • HD•PET offers 2 mm uniform resolution across the entire field of view for enhanced detectability and the highest level of detail.
  • HD Contrast
  • With an unprecedented 2x improvement in signal to noise ratio, HD•PET reveals sharper images, as well as greater distinctness within the image.
  • HD Clarity
  • Greater specificity and accuracy deliver crystal-clear results for more confident diagnosis, and earlier, more targeted treatment.
  • Pico-3D
  • Ultra-fast detector electronics significantly improve count rate performance, image quality, signal to noise ratio, lesion detectability, and patient scanning flexibility.
  • LSO
  • State-of-the-art crystal technology.
  • TrueV
  • More than a 70% higher noise effective count rate (NECR) for better image quality
  • 2x faster PET•CT for faster imaging 
  • Half the injected dose

CARE Dose4D Benefits:

  • Up to 66 percent dose reduction while maintaining the same image quality as compared to clinical protocols not employing CARE Dose4D
  • Enhancement of the image quality and reduction of artifacts for scanning of asymmetric body regions, such as the shoulders or scans of the patient with arms alongside the body
  • Lower power consumption and reduced heat load
  • Longer spiral ranges and more flexibility for multiphase examinations, especially for obese patients
  • Low dose examinations for pediatric patients

Possible Software Options: 

  • PET_Variable_Bed_Time
  • Support-I
  • PET_Gated_Replay
  • PET Dynamic
  • PET_TrueX
  • PET_HiRez
  • Sensation40
  • Respiratory Pro
  • Respiratory
  • Retro
  • PET Application
  • Extended FOV
  • Image Fusion Autoreg
  • Remote Recon Control
  • Volume Workflow
  • MPPS
  • Cardiac Speed 0.37
  • Power Tube
  • Image Fusion LM
  • Image Fusion Basic
  • CAP3D Editor
  • Volume Rendering
  • 3D Volume
  • MPR
  • MIP Image
  • 3D SSD


Image Acquisition: 

  • 3-d:  Full 3-D acquisitions
  • Typical dwell time per bed position:  2-3 min
  • Optional Attachments:  Full PET and CT, cardiac and respiratory gating options, HD•PET and TrueV extended field-of-view, LAP lasers, injectors printers and storage devices available at purchase or as in-the-field upgrade

Detector Characteristics: 

  • # of rings:  39, optional 52
  • Ring diameter, cm:  84.2
  • # of crystals:  24,336, optional 32,448
  • Crystal composition:  LSO
  • Crystal size, mm:  4 x 4 x 20
  • Axial fov, mm:  162, optional 216
  • Number of crystals per pmt:  42

Computer System:

  • Acquisition cpu:  syngo-based Windows platform, 2 x Xeon 3.6 GHz processors
  • Storage media/size:  2 x 146 GB Ultra 320 M hard drives; RAID 0
  • Array Processor:  2 x Xeon
  • Image processor:  2 x Xeon 3.2 GHz with 1 MB Cache (CPU); 800 MHz front side bus
  • Storage media/size:  147 GB image storage; 260,000 uncompressed images
  • Display:  19“ flatscreen, 1280 x 1024
  • Printing options:  Printer optional
  • Acquisition possibilities:  3-D, static, dynamic, whole body, gated (4-D) respiratory and/or cardiac
  • Software Available:  Triple time point oncology review with syngo TrueD, full cardiac PET and CT evaluation through syngo Circulation, neurology analysis and comparison through syngo Scenium suite offerings; >70 clinical PET, SPECT, CT, MR, and AX software applications
  • DICOM Compliant:  Yes

Work Area Conditions:

  • Operating temp range, °c:  20-24 (68-75)
  • Relative humidity %:  15% to 75% without condensation
  • Cooling, btu/hr:  16,650; air/water 4.4 kW

Patient Table:

  • Vertical movement, cm:  53-101
  • Horizontal movement, cm:  264
  • Head support:  Low-attenuation carbon fiber
  • Arm support:  Fixed
  • Max.patient weight capacity, kg:  204 (450)


  • H x W x D, cm:  202 x 239 x 156 (79 x 94 x 62)
  • WEIGHT, kg:  3,973 (8,750) with optional TrueV
  • Patient port diameter, cm:  70
  • Patient Positioning:  Triple laser
  • Other characteristics:  Patented LSO with PICO 3D electronics, TrueC personalized scatter correction, prompts gamma correction, random smoothing, metal artifact reduction, preprocessing image realignment tool are standard features; Biograph 40 TruePoint system utilizes STRATON CT tube enabling 0.33 mm resolution free of pitch limitations; full PET and CT, cardiac and respiratory gating options, HD•PET and TrueV extended field-of-view available with the system or as in-the-field upgrade

Installation Requirements:

  • Minimum room size: 4.6 x 7.3 m (15 x 24 ft)
  • Power needed: PET 200-240 or 400 VAC single phase, 3.8 kVA 50/60 Hz, CT 380-480 VAC, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 111 kVA
  • Image Reconstruction: FBP, 2D OSEM, 3D OSEM, PSF
  • Image uniformity:  <5%
  • Coincidence window, nsec:  4.5
  • Reconstruction time, sec:  <1 min/bed (PET), 20 slice/sec (CT)

Detector Capabilities:

  • System sensitivity:  4.4 cps/kBq, optional 7.9 cps/kBq
  • Scatter fraction:  <36% @ 425 keV LLD
  • Maximum count rate, cps @ 50% dead time:  System is linear until near peak count rate, 50% dead time is not applicable
  • 1 cm rad, statny:  4.2 NEMA (optional 2.0 non-NEMA)
  • 10 cm rad, statny:  4.8 NEMA (optional 2.0 non-NEMA)
  • 1 cm radius:  4.7 NEMA (optional 2.0 non-NEMA)
  • 10 cm radius:  5.7 NEMA (optional 2.0 non-NEMA)
  • Energy resolution:  <14%

Other Attributes: System: 70 cm continuous patient port, 190 cm co-scan field of view; PET: 81 (optional 109) image planes sensitivity of 96 kcps and 165 kcps; CT: 0.37 sec rotational speed, image resolution of 0.33 mm that is maintained regardless of pitch, CareDose4D for 66% reduction in CT dose, 30 lp/cm high-contrast resolution.

FDA Clearance:  Yes

CE Mark:  Yes

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