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Hologic Discovery C DXA

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Product Description:

The Hologic Discovery C DXA combines the most rapid means of acquiring accurate bone mineral density (BMD) results, with the proven clinical value of (BMD) measurement and vertebral assessment with Express BMD. This system enables you to identify fractures not discernible by physical examination, while determining BMD and the patient’s T-score.  The system also offers several other impressive applications such as High Definition Instant Vertebral AssessmentTM (IVATM-HD), FRAX® fracture risk assessment, and Advanced Body CompositionTM, and OnePass fan-beam technology, to improve the accuracy, speed, and conciencence of assessing osteoporosis.

Discovery Delivers:

  • High-resolution digital detector array, which improves fracture detection visualization of abdominal aortic calcifications.
  • Speed and image quality, with images of the hip and spine captured in as fast as 10 seconds.
  • Superb visualization, an exclusive Hologic design that utilizes a high-resolution detector array paired with true fan-beam linear acquisition geometry.
  • Continuous automatic calibration, ensuring precise and consistent measurements results from exam to exam.


  •  Express BMD 10 Second Spine and Hip acquisition 
  •  Express Exam Productivity Tools 
  •  Better than 1.0 % in vivo precision 
  •  L1-L4 Standard Spine Analysis 
  • OnePass Technology
  • Vertebral Fracture Assessment
  • Software Ver 12.0
  • Windows XP
  • Spine Phantom
  • Printer
  • Five Region Proximal Femur Analysis (Total Femur, Femoral Neck, Inter-Trochanteric,Trochanteric, Wards Triangle) 
  •  AcuView automated Dual Femur 
  •  Instant Vertebral Assessment High Definition (IVA HD) with Image Pro 
  •  15 second single energy acquisition with decubitus or supine patient positioning 
  •  1.8 Line Pair per mm Resolution 
  •  Visual, Quantitative and Semi-quantitative analysis of vertebral bodies
  •  MXApro, computer-aided fracture assessment tool 
  •  Quantitative Morphometry with 6 point vertebral height measurements 
  •  Forearm analysis with automated analysis of Ultra Distal, 33% Shaft, Mid-Shaft and Total ROI for Ulna, Radius and Global measurements 
  •  Tech Tips Onscreen help graphically displays proper patient positioning 
  •  Automatic Low BMD Spine and Hip Analysis 
  •  Scoliotic Spine Analysis 
  •  Pediatric Spine, Hip, and Whole Body (W and A models only) Analysis 
  •  Infant Spine analysis down to age zero 
  •  ISCD Compliant Standardized BMD Reporting 
  •  Single/Dual Energy Image Display 

Advanced Features:

  • High Definition Instant Vertebral Fracture Assessment (IVA-HD) 
  • The IVA-HD tool dramatically improves the detection of vertebral fractures by doubling the resolution of previously available techniques with a low-dose, single-energy image. Vertebral fracture status, combined with traditional bone density testing, is the gold standard for fracture risk assessment.2
  • Abdominal Aortic Calcification
  • The IVA-HD tool also allows you to visualize calcified plaques in the abdominal aorta, which may be a significant indicator of heart disease and stroke.3-5 Exclusive to Hologic, this feature provides vital information that may link to coronary heart disease (CHD), which is the leading cause of death for women. In fact, nearly 39 percent of all female deaths in the U.S. are due to CHD.6
  • Advanced Body Composition Assessment and InnerCore Visceral Fat Assessment
  • The Advanced Body Composition assessment feature produces color images displaying the distribution of fat, lean mass, bone and fat mass index. The information is translated into an easy-to-interpret report for improved patient management and counseling.
  • Our DXA systems incorporate the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) whole body composition reference data. The Endocrine Society recommends annual bone mineral density and body composition exams for bariatric surgery patients.7
  • FRAX* 10-year Fracture Risk Assessment
  • The FRAX fracture risk assessment tool calculates a patient's 10-year probability of hip and other osteoporotic fractures. FRAX was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to help healthcare providers identify and proactively treat patients with a high risk of debilitating bone fractures due to low bone mass and other significant risk factors.
  • *FRAX is a trademark of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Metabolic Bone Diseases, located at the University Of Sheffield Medical School, UK.
  • Reporting Solutions
  • Whether you are entering patient data or interpreting patient results, Hologic offers comprehensive tools to streamline bone densitometry workflow to improve your practice's efficiency, giving you more time to spend with patients.
  • Physicians Report Writer DX is a comprehensive tool that combines the patient's information, BMD, IVA-HD and FRAX data into an automated electronic report.


  • OnePass single-sweep scanning, which delivers superb image quality8 and precision.9 Our exclusive design utilizes a multi-element digital detector array paired with true fan-beam acquisition geometry, enabling rapid, dual-energy bone density measurements. OnePass scanning is designed to eliminate beam overlap errors and image distortion found in rectilinear acquisition techniques, resulting in superb image quality and data stability.

Studies Available:

  • Forearm
  • Dual Hip
  • Proximal Femur
  • Lumbar Spine
  • High Definition Instant Vertebral Assessment (IVA)

Optional Studies Available:

  • Prosthetic Hip
  • Decubitus Lateral BMD


  • ​​Scanning Method:  
  • Linear X-ray fan-beam, utilizing motorized table and C-arm
  • X-ray System:
  • Switched-pulse dual-energy (100 kVp/140 kVp)
  • Detector System:
  • Multi-element detector array
  • External Shielding:
  • None required*
  • BMD Precision:
  • <1.0%
  • Calibration:
  • Automatic, continuous calibration using Hologic’s patented Automatic Internal Reference System
  • Automatic quality control program
  • Operator calibration not required
  • Operating Requirements:
  • Temperature: 60° - 90°F (15°-32°C)
  • Power: 100VAC (16A)/120VAC (14A)/230VAC (8A)
  • Humidity: 20% - 80% relative humidity, noncondensing
  • Average heat load: 3,400 BTU/hr
  • Table Height:
  • 71cm (28")
  • Patient Weight Limit:
  • 204 kg (450 lbs.)
  • Scan Region:
  • 38” x 20”
  • (96cm x 51cm)
  • Footprint:
  • 75.5” x 45.8”
  • (192cm x 116cm)
  • System Weight:
  • Table/C-arm:  650lb (295kg)
  • Control console:  150lb (68kg
  • Standard Hardware Configuration:
  • Computer work table with Intel® Pentium® PC
  • 40GB (min) hard drive
  • 512MB (min) RAM
  • 64MB (min) video board
  • 17" monitor
  • HP Color InkJet® printer
  • CD R/W drive
  • Network ready
  • Optional Hardware:
  • Magnetic Optical Disk Storage
  • HP LaserJet® printer
  • Modem
  • 17" flat panel monitor
  • Oasis QDR for Windows® XP Stand-alone Workstation
  • Standard Software Configuration (all models):
  • QDR for Windows® XP Operating System
  • Tech Tips™
  • Express Exam™
  • NHANES Reference Data
  • QDR OnePage™ Report
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Fracture Risk Indication
  • OneTime™ Auto Analysis
  • Auto Low BMD for spine and hip
  • Scan/Analyze Protocols for AP lumbar spine, proximal femur, Dual Hip™, forearm and scoliotic spine, pediatric spine and hip
  • Pediatric Whole Body
  • Pediatric Reference Data
  • DXA Practice Manager™
  • Additional Software (standard on C,W, SL & A models):
  • ImagePro™
  • CADƒx™
  • Express BMD™
  • High Definition Instant Vertebral Assessment™ (IVA-HD)
  • Optional Software:
  • Instant Vertebral Assessment™ (IVA) (i-series only)
  • CADfx™
  • IRIS™ Connectivity Suite**
  • General Region of Interest
  • DAP
  • Body Composition with Sub Regional Analysis (A & W models only)
  • QDR Mobility
  • Typical Performance (60Hz)*:
  • Lumbar Spine: 10s, 0.04mGy
  • Proximal Femur: 10s, 0.04mGy
  • Forearm:  30s, 0.04mGy
  • Instant Vertebral Assessment (IVA): 10s, 0.03mGy
  • High Definition Instant Vertebral Assessment (IVA-HD): 15s, 0.025mGy


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