Philips Height Adjustable Trolley TA-M

Philips Height Adjustable Trolley TA-M

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Philips Height adjustable trolley TA-M bariatric table top

Floating sandwich design tabletop with

carbon fiber overlay, flat top side

Type 9890 010 87311

-Single side suspended trolley with floating

table-top (two widths) and central pedal control

Bariatric version width: 670 mm/26.4"

-Hydraulic height adjustment from

60cm to 86.5 cm/23 to 34.3"

-Full application flexibility

-Excellent access to the patient from all sides

-Floating table-top, X-ray transparent

-Precise and easy to maneuver due to

central pedal control

-Maximum patient load: 225 kg/496 lbs.


ModelHeight Adjustable Trolley TA-M bariatric table
Stock NumberS5MO5T0224