MyVet CT i3D (New)

MyVet CT i3D (New)

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The innovative MyVet CT i3D with spiral linear detector technology brings multi slice CT image quality at a very affordable total cost of ownership right to your practice. Unique sensor design and proprietary image processing development provide you with high image quality especially in soft tissue thoracic and abdominal studies.

Simplified operation and imaging protocols optimizes staff workflow, productivity, and diagnostic results. Fast scan times, MPR and standard 3D volume rendering functionality facilitates obtaining diagnostic results as well as minimizing animal time under anesthesia.

  • High image quality at low x-ray dose
  • Standard 3D CT mode
  • Superior soft tissue image
  • Narrow slice thickness
  • Large FOV
  • Fast installation and easy set up

MyVet CT i3D Veterinary CT Scanner

Veterinary Spiral (Helical) CT Solution: Linear

Detector/Fan Beam technology

3D Reconstruction software

Exposure range time: 15 to 60 seconds

Rotation time 1.7 seconds

Tube voltage: 60~120 kVp

Input voltage: 100~220V, 20A

Workstation with single monitor

Software: EzVet-i, Ez3D-i Vet, VCT console

DICOM images for easy direct image transfer


ModelCT i3D