2021 Neurologica Samsung CereTom Elite 8-Slice CT

2021 Neurologica Samsung CereTom Elite 8-Slice CT

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CereTom Elite 8 slice Mobile CT

Field of View 10" x 25"

Gantry Opening 12'

Comes with a table


Battery powered

Plugs into a standard wall outlet

Reduces the need for transport of the patient

Internally lead shielded front cover

External lead safety curtains

Safe for use in patient rooms

1.25mm slice thickness

512 x 512 image reconstruction

Integrates with all ICU beds and hospital gurneys

Ability to perform axial, helical (CTA), and dynamic (CTP) scanning

Compatible with all PACS

Wireless or wired connectivity to PACS

Connectivity to Navigational Systems

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This is in excellent condition with all updated software!


ManufacturerNeurologica Samsung
ModelCereTom Elite 8-Slice CT