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CT-Scanner-Deinstall-1.jpgAt Medco Blue, we ensure a seamless de-installation and removal process for your CT scanner with a focus on budget, schedule, and safety. Get a quote on deinstalling and removing your CT scanner. Don’t forget about our short-term mobile CT rentals during the downtime while you install your new scanner.

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What Makes and Models do we de-install?

In short, we are experienced and equipped to professionally deinstall and remove any CT scanner make and model, including but not limited to the following manufacturers:

  • Esaote CT Scanners
  • GE CT Scanners
  • Hitachi CT Scanners
  • Philips CT Scanners
  • Siemens CT Scanners
  • Toshiba CT Scanners

What is Our Process?

1. Evaluation and Planning: Our experienced team evaluates the best removal route, taking into account factors such as parking, loading/unloading, time window, and efficient routes. We examine and measure all doors and windows along the planned route and communicate with the facility's manager to address any potential interruptions or rebuilding requirements. We also check zoning and municipal regulations for compliance.

2. Additional Support and Permissions: If needed, we arrange for additional support vehicles like forklifts or dolly and ensure all necessary permissions are obtained. In congested areas, such as urban facilities with high traffic, we may seek permission to block off a street to facilitate the de-installation process. Our team inspects the site ahead of time, creates a detailed plan, and ensures all required paperwork and permissions are ready for the de-installation day.

3. Safety Protocol: Safety is our top priority. We follow a comprehensive safety procedure protocol, which includes powering down the CT scanner, disconnecting power cables, and locking out electrical boxes to eliminate the risk of electric injury or power surges.

4. Facility Protection: We take meticulous care to protect the facility during the de-installation process. We use appropriate materials, such as mylar paneling, to safeguard flooring, tiles, carpets, and walls from any potential damage that may occur during equipment removal.

5. Constant Communication: We maintain open and regular communication with our clients and facilities throughout the de-installation process. We provide timely updates on any unplanned outcomes, ensuring that everyone involved is informed and on the same page regarding the progress.

6. Disassembling and Moving the CT Scanner: Our skilled team starts the transport by setting up mylar paneling along the entire delivery route to protect the facility's surfaces. We disconnect the power to the CT scanner, lock out the electrical boxes, and carefully disassemble the system. The patient table is separated from the gantry, and the system is lifted onto dollies or skates for transportation along the designated delivery route.

7. Secure Transport: Outside the facility, we use a forklift to lift the gantry onto an Air Ride truck, ensuring its safe and secure placement. Before departing, we return to the facility to clean up and address any final customer requests. Our goal is to leave the facility in the same condition, if not better, than when we arrived.

When it comes to the installation of a replacement CT scanner, Medco Blue is well-prepared and experienced. Our dedicated team is ready to handle your next medical equipment installation with the same level of professionalism and expertise.