Mobile GE Signa 23x MRI

Mobile GE Signa 23x MRI: Affordable in the Top Bracket 

The Most Cost Efficiency:

The Mobile GE Signa 23x MRI stands out for its exceptional cost efficiency compared to the others models on the market. Accessible in the secondary market, opting for a refurbished or used Mobile MRI can yield substantial savings, slashing the original price by 30-70%. This affordability opens doors for facilities, whether they choose to rent or own, making it an ideal starting point for beginners in the realm of mobile MRI investments.

Easy to Upgrade: 

Unlike other Mobile MRIs in the market that come with a standard coil package, this MRI system comes standard with proprietary image enhancement software, an adjustable table, and patient comfort features. The proprietary software means that users can enhance functionality through software upgrades alone, without the need to change coils or the entire system. This long-term benefit makes it an excellent choice for any Mobile MRI owner.

In fact, GE has done the same thing by introducing Optima 450 MRI, which is a software upgraded version of Signa 23x MRI that if the users know beforehand, they can just upgrade their Mobile GE Signa 23x MRI and call it a day! 

Key Takeaways: 

To conclude, the Mobile GE Signa 23x MRI offers unparalleled versatility with its cost-effective approach. With no hardware changes required, only software upgrades, this Mobile MRI not only provides an affordable initial purchase but also ensures long-term savings for its owners. Contact us through or call (216) 600-0801 for a tailored quote today!