Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Mobile MRI

Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Mobile MRI


Upon digging into this article, you may find yourself pondering the choice between renting and owning a Mobile MRI for your facility. While we've previously explored "5 Reasons to Buy a Mobile MRI", today, let's dive into why Medco Blue believes renting a Mobile MRI might be a suitable option for you.

Adding New Services Securely

If you ever think about “testing the market" to see if the demand can live up to the large investment of a Mobile MRI or to see if there’s any customer’s usage or any profit would generate from the investment, then renting is a much safer and cost-effective option for you.

Prevent Backlog in Patient Volume 

Whether your facility is growing or you are looking for a temporary solution while renovating/repairing your current MRI system that may have construction problems, technical issues, or design delays. 

Patient backlog is a big issue that can prevent one facility from obtaining revenue or preventing clients from selecting your facility in the area. To make sure that your medical service is still on the top of choices you should consider renting a Mobile to keep the patient flow at the best rate. 

Sudden Increase in Patient Volume 

An increase in patient volume could be a good sign for a new investment, however, this could just be a temporary thing. In order to protect the money flow, it is important to carefully decide whether to buy a Mobile MRI or just rent it and use the revenue to pay for all the expenses. 


Ideal for Smaller Facilities 

Between reasons, a small or smaller facility is one of the top reasons one should rent a Mobile MRI. Space is always an issue, even in hospitals, so mobile units are an obvious choice when there simply isn’t enough room for in-house MRI.

Addressing Space Constraints (Even for Big Hospitals) 

Even if your facility is on the bigger end or a smaller end, the lack of space is a genuine concern when talking about MRI. As mentioned above, the process of acquiring a machine is already difficult not to mention the excess fee relating to it. Therefore, renting a Mobile MRI instead of buying is an affordable choice even for larger medical facilities. 

Ready for the next step

If your facility is having those issues or just simply wanting to explore new business with owning an MRI Mobile, Medco Blue is here to help. We are located in Toledo, OH, but we have mobile units being rented out all over the country. Leave us a message or email us at to set up tailored quotes just for you!