Mobile CTs Are Perfect When You Don’t Have Space

Looking to upgrade your facility with a new CT system?

While it may seem like the ideal solution, the reality is that acquiring and setting up a new machine can be time-consuming and costly.

This is where Mobile CTs offer a convenient alternative, particularly for healthcare providers facing backlogs or space constraints. Let's explore why these systems are not just practical for small clinics but also for larger hospitals dealing with limited space.

Ideal for Smaller Facilities:

Putting a CT machine in a small clinic can cause unnecessary problems especially when compared to other methods of imaging, CT would most likely be the most demanding method as doctors may order a CT scan as an initial step after initial assessment. Therefore, the wait and the demand of these machines might exceed your facility’s capability.

Mobile CT presents as a perfect solution made for small clinics. These trailers are easy to move around, and don't require expensive and extensive renovations. Renting one is also a smart choice, giving small clinics a cost-effective and efficient way to do medical scans without big machines taking up too much space. 

Addressing Space Constraints (Even for Big Hospitals):

Big hospitals also struggle with not having enough space as renovating a separate room for a CT requires lead shielding which can cause time delay and patient backlog affecting the hospital’s revenue. Mobile CT is also a helpful option for big hospitals as its affordability, flexibility and mobility to serve multiple departments. 

Renting one instead of buying helps hospitals to save money and offer flexibility that big, fixed CTs can't match; plus you can even consider the “Rent to Own” program from Medco Blue. The key is that these mobiles can be moved around easily, making them a smart choice for all kinds of medical facilities.


In the diagnostic imaging industry, facilities are either built without CT in mind, or they’re built to handle predetermined patient throughput, but as organizations and their respective radiology demands grow, so do its needs for additional scanners. 

But if you just don’t have the space, then a Mobile CT trailer is the perfect option for you. It is a tried and true solution used every day and in every state in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Leave us a message or email us at to set up tailored quotes just for you!

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