Cath Angio Injectors / Contrast Injectors for Cath Angio Scanners

Medco Blue sells, buys, and services contrast injectors for Cath Angio, as well as CT, PET/CT, and MRI.  We provide nationwide, to hospitals, clinics, vet clinics, family practices, government facilities, etc. Services available include: loaner programs, full injector repair and service, imagining services, injector sales, Preventative Maintenance & Calibration Verification (one-time PM, no contract), and a one-time spot repair (no contract).  We carry new, used, and refurbished injectors, and mostly specialize in the sale of Bracco®, Mallinckrodt®, and Medrad®.  Our available contrast injectors for Cath Angio are:

Medrad Mark V Provis

Medrad Mark 7 Arterion

Bracco Acist CVi

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