What are The Top 5 Mobile PET/CTs? 

Top 5 Mobile PET/CTs: A Quick Overview

Mobile PET/CT scanners are truly stepping up with their features like advanced patient care, streamline workflows, and the ability to be mobility adaptive; making the choice to own or to rent a Mobile PET/CT has never been more accessible, with options designed to minimize financial stress and preparation.

Ready to buy or rent a Mobile PET/CT? Do you know which model is the most suitable for your budget, location and ownership preference? Today, let's break down which models belong to the top 5 best Mobile PET/CTs to rent or to buy. 

Mobile GE Discovery VCT 64 PET

The Mobile GE Discovery VCT 64 PET/CT is a pioneering system that integrates new and innovative volumetric PET/CT imaging technology, promising to revolutionize cardiovascular imaging and transform the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. By combining high-speed CT with PET capabilities, this system offers excellent precision in cardiovascular imaging, facilitating quicker scans and more accurate diagnoses. 

With features like Smart Prep and Smart Speed, patient comfort is prioritized, ensuring a seamless imaging experience. Whether in a fixed location or on the move, this PET/CT system is the ideal solution for facilities looking to upgrade their cardiology and oncology services. 

Mobile GE Discovery IQ

Next on the list is the Mobile GE Discovery IQ PET/CT with its original PET detector technology, LightBurst. This groundbreaking technology significantly reduces scan times and dose amounts, increasing efficiency without compromising image quality. 

With scalable upgrade options and patient-centric design features, including full organ imaging in minimal bed positions and reduced scan times, the Discovery IQ PET/CT prioritizes both clinical excellence and patient comfort. Its mobile-ready platform makes it accessible to remote areas, allowing healthcare providers to bring advanced diagnostic imaging services to growing and rural communities with less initial budget investments. 

Mobile Siemens Biograph Horizon 

The Mobile Siemens Biograph Horizon PET/CT offers high-resolution imaging with True Time of Flight (TOF) technology, enabling exceptional volumetric resolution for detailed anatomical structures. The Biograph Horizon’s CT solutions establish high-quality imaging with minimized radiation doses, while TOF capabilities enhance myocardial perfusion imaging, even in obese patients. 

Utilizing the intelligent imaging platform AIDAN, this system optimizes workflows and delivers better results efficiently. Despite its advanced features, the Biograph Horizon offers premium performance at an attractive investment level, making it a top choice for addressing a broad range of clinical needs.

Mobile Siemens Biograph mCT

Running fourth on the list is the Mobile Siemens Biograph mCT PET/CT with its true time of flight (TOF) technology, TOF helps increase contrast definition and enables precise delineation of small lesions and anatomical details. Its advanced imaging capabilities, including FlowMotion™ and powerful CT solutions, provide flexibility and precision beyond standard care, making it invaluable for oncology, cardiology, and neurology applications. 

With a patient-centric design and AI-driven solutions, such as the AIDAN platform, the Biograph mCT PET/CT ensures an improved patient and user experience, driving medical advancement and upgrading patient care standards.

United Imaging uMI 550

The Mobile United Imaging uMI 550 PET/CT features an air-cooled digital detector design, ensuring stable detector performance and reducing energy consumption. With its air-cooled digital detector design and mobility, this system maximizes patient throughput and operational efficiency, allowing scans at multiple locations in a single day. 

Its high-quality diagnostic CT capabilities and automatic quality control features further elevate diagnostic accuracy and patient safety. With advanced motion correction algorithms and reduction of repeat exams, the uMI 550 PET/CT also keeps up to standards in imaging excellence and efficiency. 

Honorable Mention: Mobile Siemens Biograph TruePoint (TP) 64 PET/CT 

Finally, although it’s quite hard to locate this Mobile PET/CT on the market, Medco Blue still believes that the Mobile Siemens Biograph TruePoint (TP) 64 PET/CT deserves to be mentioned on this list. This PET/CT incorporates Siemens' original TruePoint technology, resulting in more detailed and precise images with fewer bed positions required for imaging.

With features like the STRATON® X-ray tube and Pico-3D ultra-fast electronics, this system guarantees high-quality imaging performance. Its customizable imaging features and productivity-enhancing tools streamline workflows and optimize operational efficiency, empowering healthcare providers to deliver timely and accurate diagnoses. With its ability to accommodate diverse patient populations and support a wide range of clinical applications, the Biograph TruePoint 64 PET/CT sets new standards for imaging excellence.

Takeaways (TLDR): 

In summary, the top 5 Mobile PET/CT scanners offer a range of original features that cater to diverse clinical needs and elevate diagnostic imaging standards. The Mobile GE Discovery VCT 64 PET/CT prioritizes precision imaging and patient comfort with its combination technology and advanced imaging modes. Meanwhile, the Mobile GE Discovery IQ PET/CT stands out for radical PET detector technology and scalable upgrade options, ensuring high-performance capabilities and accessibility to remote areas. 

The Mobile Siemens Biograph Horizon PET/CT is accompanied with AIDAN, an intelligent imaging platform for enhanced imaging precision and productivity with great investment start point, while the Mobile Siemens Biograph mCT PET/CT highlights true time of flight (TOF) technology and AI-driven solutions for superior imaging and patient-centric design. 

Lastly, the Mobile United Imaging uMI 550 PET/CT excels in stable detector performance and mobility, offering high-quality diagnostic CT capabilities and advanced motion correction algorithms. Each of these Mobile PET/CT scanners represents a significant advancement in medical imaging technology, empowering healthcare facilities to deliver high quality patient care and transform imaging workflows.

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